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  • Lịch sử Thư viện Việt Nam: Xây dựng và sử dụng những thư viện Việt Nam (1887-1986)

    Đề cương nghiên cứu luận án tiến sĩ khoa lịch sử của nghiên cứu sinh Nguyễn Cindy

  • Building the Library: Builders and Users of the Vietnamese Libraries (1887-1986)

    A research summary of the Ph.D. in history dissertation of Cindy A. Nguyen

  • Deconstructing Libraries

  • Hold on a sec, let's think this through

  • Memory, History, & War

  • Presentation: Decolonization of Libraries & Information in Vietnam

  • Wikipedia &

  • Decolonization of Libraries & Information in Vietnam

  • A Historical Introduction to the Encyclopédie

  • History 116D: Mao

  • Fall 2014 History 111C Slides

  • Instructional Technology: What's Markers Got to Do With It?

    How do ‘digital’ activities compare to ‘analog’ activities in your classroom? What type of things are better off using one or the other, or both? This is a five minute talk where I share my experience teaching with both. Video of presentation:

  • Graphs, Maps, Trees

  • Les vestiges 

  • UMEDH Historical Data