• In Many Cases, Promises May be a better solution than async/await

  • Records and Tuples

    Records and Tuples: How a slew of new JS proposals are going radically change how we write JavaScript

  • Learn the Platform

  • Code

  • Understand More By Thinking Less

  • The Miseducation of CSS

  • Monodial Identity Elements

  • Pipelines

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  • You Probably Already Understand Mondads

    Monads are (in)famously said to be cursed. Once one understands what a Monad is, one loses the ability to explain it to others. This is has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Today, we are going to break that curse.

  • Why would anyone do that?

    The counter-intuative patterns of function composition that will simplify your code, help you ship fast, be more stable, and grow a thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

  • Front end development and the Question of Control

  • Node Utils

    A summary of the native utils library in Node as of v9.4.0

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  • Applied Principles of Componentization

  • I

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  • Functional Style JS - UtahJS 2016

  • Pure Functions

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  • So you think your ready to "migrate" from Angular 1 to Angular 2

  • Why React

  • JavaScript/Node Stack 2016

  • The Front-end Landscape

  • Why do we need a framework at all?

  • Composition

    Componintization, Modularization, Micro-services and SOA are all aspects of the same philosophy -- composition.

  • Copy of Native Web Components NOW!!!

  • The Future of the Front-End Stack

  • Plato's MWS

  • ES6y

    An introduction to ES6 features that will feature prominently in the next MWS generator.

  • Native Web Components NOW!!!

  • Angular 1.4 best practices

  • Sharing Modules of Code with NPM and Bower

  • Driving Screws With Hammers

    Material Honesty on the web is the foundational principle behind many of the most important web design and development movements, in particularly Responsive Design.

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  • Arrays: Part 1

    Arrays in JavaScript are incredibly powerful. Almost any data structure can be emulated by a JavaScript Array. We'll look at some of the really great things you can do with an Array.

  • This one weird trick

    `this` is one of the most confusing concepts in JavaScript. There are interesting rules that affect the context of a method and what `this` actually is. We'll explore all the rules and learn that it's probably better just to avoid using `this` all together.

  • JS Fundamentals: Objects

    Objects are everywhere in JavaScript. One of the biggest "Ahha's" you'll have when learning JavaScript is that (almost) everything is an Object. Until then, You'll be bashing your head against your desk.

  • donuts.js

    SASS in depth and in practice

  • Componentized Architecture

    Building a componentized web

  • Classical Inheritance