• Building a great author site

    What does it take to build a compelling site as an author...here it is.

  • To DON'T lists are more productive than task lists

  • Start Solving Problems

  • eCommerce Basics and WooCommerce

  • No Proposal for You

  • Why on Earth Work?

  • Getting to Grunt

    Intro to Grunt

  • Getting Started with Unit Testing

  • ecommerceandWordPress

  • Best Practices

    Some best practices for coding with WordPress, and coding in general.

  • Development Review

    Quick review of actions and filters then we talk about sanitization and validation.

  • Pricing

  • Should you use Social Media Buttons?

  • Effective eCommerce Design

    What makes a good eCommerce site? It's more than just something pretty, it's something that converts.

  • Sliders

  • ecommerce Day 1

  • Don't be an Idiot