Start Solving Problems

Why to people hire you?

What do most sites say?

An example

5 Questions for your site

  1. In 2 seconds, do I know what the service provider does?

  2. Are there any huge walls of text I’m never going to read? [1]

  3. Is there a call to action?

  4. Can I name the 3 problems this service provider can solve for me?

  5. Are there any testimonials?

But I don't know the problem I solve

What are the urgent needs of my clients?

What are the 5 compelling desires my clients have

What are the biggest results I provide?

What are the core benefits my clients experience with me?

Picking a Niche

What type of projects have you liked in the past?

What are you good at?

Have any projects scared you?

Who are your top 10 clients?

Out of the things you can do and loved what will people pay for?

Start Solving Problems

By curtismchale

Start Solving Problems

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