• Solana-Ignite-Kenya

  • B I T C O I N

    Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain. Why they are the most incredible innovations since the invention of the internet.

  • Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

    This is an introduction to the future of web apps. With the introduction of several new Web APIs leveling the playing field for web apps to native apps. The web and native mobile apps are about to go on a head to head battle of user experience.

  • REST matters! (and you need more of it)

    What REST really is and its advantages over SOAP web services

  • 21st Century Rockstars

    Being a software engineer in this age is one of the hottest jobs of the 21st century. Let me convince you.

  • To Infinity and beyond

    Brown bag's Friday presentation, about warp drive, is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light? If you why do we want to.

  • Web Development Craftsmanship as of 2015

  • JavaScript, Warthogs and Friends