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Brown Bag Friday.


Warp Drive


But 1st, Why?


Discover tonnes of new things, species or civilisation, be an intergalactic species e.t.c


Earth-Like Exo Planets


The closest being in Alpha Centuri (3rd brightest starts) which is 4.3 light years away


Habitable Zones


Even light is slow


It would take 4.3 years to get to Alpha Centuri travelling at the speed of light.


How far is Alpha Centuri


Fastest Man-made object


Would take 70, 000 years


Don't even think about it


The state of the art space shuttle would take 165,000 years travelling at a speed of 28,300 Kph


Is FTL possible?


Travelling 10 times faster than the speed of light.


If Yes!!!


Would it not be f#@%!$#+




We choose to go to the moon


So what is warp drive?


To understand warp drive we first have to relativity


Theory of relativity 


Space and time are two parts of the same thing.

Albert Einstein

When you move


From one point to another, time also moves.


Manipulate Space/Time


The object remains still inside a warp bubble and space moves around it.

Miguel Alcubierre (1994)


Gravity can warp time/space


But you would require energy equivalent to the whole of U.S.A's consumption every year

Harold White (2012)




1st Problem probably solved


Only antimatter can make such a massive amount of energy


When matter and antimatter collide, they annihilate each other releasing a large amount of energy in the process


Is FTL still Possible?


Did cars, planes, computers, android phones, touch screens, icecream and even electricity exist waaaayy back?


1st intergallactic travel


NASA plans to do the 1st intergalactic travel before

the end of the 21st century (85yrs counting down)


To Infinity and beyond.

To Infinity and beyond

By Eugene Mutai

To Infinity and beyond

Brown bag's Friday presentation, about warp drive, is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light? If you why do we want to.

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