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  • 6 Unique SEO Tips

    6 Unique SEO Tips - a presentation by HLK Marketing, found at Apply these basic SEO tips to your website today and start seeing the rankings, traffic, and sales rise. Great SEO services are hard to come by. An incredible attention to detail is needed and a professional skillset is required. Allow HLK Marketing to discuss options to grow your business today.

  • Who Is Norma Childers?

    Welcome to Industry Spotlight. This week, we cover Norma Childers, an elderly care professional from Reno, Nevada.

  • Uzoma Okoro Background, History and Projects

    The President of Engineering at Eco-Alpha Environmental & Engineering Services, Uzoma Okoro, is our engineering spotlight of the week. He has spent an extensive amount of time mastering the engineering field and hopes to utilize his skillset to help the environment. View more of his projects on his website, found at

  • Morgan Hill - Joseph Davis - U.S. Patent List & Details

    Morgan Hill entrepreneur and philanthropist Joe Davis has contributed to over 30 patents in the U.S. related to fiber-optic systems, the environment, and logistical improvements to his facilities. The most notable, as mentioned by Joe, is the foundational technology that connects undersea cables to the modern-day smartphone. He also delved into disk drive optimization, optics, and a variety of other systems that optimize data. Continue reading by visiting

  • YOR HEALTH, Dennis Wong - Emerging Health CEO

    This deck is Dennis Wong, Yor Health descriptions and information, learn more here about the co-founder and current president. For more presentations on industry & market leaders, please visit

  • Geoff Thompson: Chicago, Illinois Presents 'Providing For Your Child's Education'

    Serial entrepreneur, investor, and financial whiz Geoff Thompson is this week's Industry Spotlight leader. He began his financial career in Chicago, Illinois in the early 1990s when he hosted a weekly financial market radio show. Today, his financial strategies have brought him to a diverse range of individual and business financial services provided across the United States. His favorite being saving for retirement. Not many people know the absolute best path to saving, investing, and protecting your family financially. To learn more, visit him online

  • Blog Launch

    Announcing the launching of Industry Spotlight blog. The platform and exact URL are TBD. We are excited to begin!

  • Marcus Hiles Abbott

    Marcus Hiles' Abbott donation was among the highest amounts in the state of Texas, granting Hiles significant recognition across the state.

  • Marcus Hiles Patrick Donation Tops New Record

    Marcus Hiles gives Patrick, an undisclosed individual in Texas, a record amount of money to his local nonprofit organization.