6 "Quick Win" SEO Tips

Tip #1

Each indexed page on your website should serve a purpose. 

Tip #2

Search engines cannot see images like users can. Assign each image with an alt tag to help the crawlers understand what it is.

Tip #3

Create high-authority, natural

content on your website with your customer in mind. Remember, do not overuse, or 'overstuff' keywords.

Tip #4

Videos are great tools to promote your website. YouTube and Vimeo are great places for exposure. 

Tip #5

BLOG IT UP! Writing blogs related to your business is great for users AND search engines. 

Tip #6

Be patient. Rankings may take several months to be impacted by your SEO work.

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6 "Quick Win" SEO Tips - HLK Marketing, Huntington Beach

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6 "Quick Win" SEO Tips - HLK Marketing, Huntington Beach

6 Unique SEO Tips - a presentation by HLK Marketing, found at http://hlkmarketing.com. Apply these basic SEO tips to your website today and start seeing the rankings, traffic, and sales rise. Great SEO services are hard to come by. An incredible attention to detail is needed and a professional skillset is required. Allow HLK Marketing to discuss options to grow your business today.

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