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  • Making the IndieWeb Open to All

    Discovering and exploring what it'll take to bring the IndieWeb to a larger audience.

  • Talk to me NICE: Introducing the Fediverse & IndieWeb

    This is a presentation explaining the fediverse and IndieWeb to those who may not understand or be familiar with it.

  • Memology 101

    The most impactful form of messaging that’s come to fame on the Web is the “meme”. It’s a short, usually succulent, way of capturing a message that can be used in a myriad of situations; the true embodiment of an image capturing a thousand words. However, today, in a lot of on-line circles, memes of Black persons, namely Black women, have been used without true context. That coupled with the hundreds of racial undertones in other communities, like that of the gaming and art tech scenes, leads us to a whole different conversations about dense messaging via images.

  • Vim Gawd

    Learn more about this talk at https://jacky.wtf/events/waffle-js/2017/vim-gawd/

  • SMS 2FA Take Down: Investigating 2FA and Its Ramifications

    This talk was presented at Github on January 17, 2017 as part of a presentation series for Latinxs in Tech in San Francisco, CA.

  • SSL, We Used to Know You​

    This talk was presented at WaffleJS Feb 3, 2016. It provides a short story as to why SSL was created & deprecated, the use of TLS to replace it and how HTTP/2 incorporates security by default.