Memeology 101

With a (slight) focus on the misogynoir in the space.


This talk can be used as evidence that I spend probably the same amount of time sleeping as I do on the Internet.

What are memes?

Memes today tend to fold thoughts and events into a hyper digestable, self-contained medium.

Memes would be super specific but not readily understandable to those who didn't "experience" the context.


Earlier Days




A field of study in which one reflects on a period of time shorter than 20 years, from its inception to its destruction.

Memes aren't dead

But memes are dead.


life of a meme

Lifecycle of memes (TODAY)

Event or a culturally semi-relevant image is produced.

Shared amongst like folx on a platform

From there, it's up to the consensus of those sharing and viewing to determine its ability to become a contagion.

Lifecycle of memes (YESTERYEAR)

What changed?

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Memology 101

By Jacky Alciné

Memology 101

The most impactful form of messaging that’s come to fame on the Web is the “meme”. It’s a short, usually succulent, way of capturing a message that can be used in a myriad of situations; the true embodiment of an image capturing a thousand words. However, today, in a lot of on-line circles, memes of Black persons, namely Black women, have been used without true context. That coupled with the hundreds of racial undertones in other communities, like that of the gaming and art tech scenes, leads us to a whole different conversations about dense messaging via images.

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