• js-data

    Give your data the treatment it deserves with a framework-agnostic data store built for ease of use and peace of mind. Works in NodeJS and in the Browser.

  • Respect your Data

    As your Angular app grows it will experience growing pains. I will cover various techniques for keeping your precious data under control before it outgrows you, including an introduction to angular-data.

  • Make Dat Money

    Portfolio Optimization with Kalman Filters

  • Data Management & Caching with Angular.js

  • Building LARGE apps with Angular.js

    New to AngularJS? Confused by directive mumbo-jumbo? Giddy over Angular's magic and your new productivity? Jaded by gotchas you didn't see coming? Enjoying the zen of Angular? Whatever your experience with Angular and whatever size of project you're working on, there will come a day when you encounter Angular in the wild being used on a large project. Does that sound like a dream come true or are you still wary? Either way, you will inevitably run into a problem that Angular does not solve for you. Here are some points to consider when building large apps with AngularJS.

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