• Cryptocurrency

    We explore the evolution of money to understand what led to cryptocurrency innovation

  • Exploring the Blockchain

    We go inside the blockchain. What it's made of and how it all connects together.

  • Intro to Higher Order Components

    This presentation will explain how higher order components will make your code DRYer and more modular.

  • Intro to Blockchain

    An intro to blockchain technology. I will explore concepts like mining, proof of work and block creation.

  • React in-depth

    Will answer some of the confusing parts of React. Like how the reconciliation process works and what happens when you change states.

  • Styled Components

    The best way to style React components!

  • Yarn

    A fast, more reliable alternative npm client

  • Intro to MobX

    MobX is a state management library like Redux, with the aim of making state changes simple and scalable

  • Testing with Jest

    Jest is a JavaScript testing framework, used by Facebook to test all JavaScript code including React applications.

  • Es6

    Es6 is the 6th edition of ECMAScript, standardized in 2015. This slides will go through some of the new features introduced.

  • Functional Programming

    Introduction to functonal programming in Javascript

  • Introduction To AngularJs

    An overview summary of Angularjs