• What's new in vee-validate v4 - Vue world summit

  • What's new in vee-validate v4

  • FE Security Essentials

  • Typed JavaScript

  • Fulfilled and Broken Promises

  • Tailwind and Utility First CSS

  • My Experience Creating Open Source

    Small Lessons learned from the wild ride creating vee-validate

  • Simple Rules

  • Intro to Functional JS

  • Task Runners

  • Lessons Learned From Too Many GraphQL Applications

  • State Mechanisms In JavaScript Frameworks

  • Introduction to Vue.js Composition API

  • Vue.js┬áReactivity Explained

    I teach how to build a buggy, slow, and horrible reactivity/rendering demo to appreciate Vue.js reactivity and the optimizations it does for us.

  • Stateful Vue.js Functional Components