• Senior to manager to senior

    [PL] Prezentacja o moim eksperymencie przejścia na ścieżkę managerską, i powrocie z niej do roli devleopera.

  • What mobile browsers can do - 2020 revisited

    4developers 2020

  • What is Blazor? - Front.net

    Repo: https://github.com/michalczukm/front-net-presentation

  • How to model your crazy data in TypeScript

  • Bootcampy okiem trenera i developera // Lightning Talk

    dynamIT 19.08.2019

  • Spectator: Make Angular tests great again

    Spectator - Angular unit tests made easy

  • TypeScript across application layers

    Repo: https://github.com/infoshareacademy/infoshare-2019-typescript-between-layers

  • The power of mobile web browsers // Angular Wrocław

    Given at Angular Wrocław, 30.05.2019

  • Bootcampy okiem trenera i developera // full talk

  • The power of mobile web browsers

    Given at Voxxed Days Frontend Bucharest 2019

  • TypeScript na styku warstw aplikacji

    Repo: https://github.com/infoshareacademy/infoshare-2019-typescript-between-layers

  • Bootcampy okiem trenera i developera

    Boiling Frogs 2019

  • Node.js streams 101

    No matter what you are doing as front-end developer Node.js is everywhere and you won’t escape from it. On my presentation I will focus on steams - one of the basic, and often not understand, element of this environment. How they work and what benefit you will get by using them as intended.

  • NGXS - yet another Angular state management library

    Ngrx is not the only option for state management in Angular apps

  • TypeScript magic types - deep dive

    4Developers - 15.10.2018 Kraków; KarieraIT - 8.12.2018 Gdańsk

  • Node.js in .Net Core ecosystem

    Ciklum .Net meetup, 18.09.2018 Gdańsk, TG.NET 13.12.2018, Gdańsk, beIT 14.04.2019

  • Mocking API for front-end devs

    Ciklum UX & Front-end meetup, 27.06.2018 Gdańsk

  • idea ==> implementation in IT

    Angular 3city meetup, 09.05.2018 Gdańsk

  • TypeScript magic types

    Angular 3city meetup, 09.05.2018 Gdańsk