• Next.js is my main web server for all APIs. And I like it!

    [EN] Why you won’t use anything more specialized like Fastify or Nest? Why you are using Next.js not in the way it was designed? You might ask. Because it is way good enough for my cases, and more flexible than I initially thought. In this presentation, I’ll give you arguments for betting on Next.js as a delivery layer for your REST & GraphQL APIs. With a sip of middleware, some libraries, and tweaking the next.config you can squeeze a lot from it. But .. is it performant? Well, we will see :)

  • Senior to manager to senior

    [PL] Prezentacja o moim eksperymencie przejścia na ścieżkę managerską, i powrocie z niej do roli devleopera.

  • What mobile browsers can do - 2020 revisited

    4developers 2020

  • What is Blazor? - Front.net

    Repo: https://github.com/michalczukm/front-net-presentation

  • How to model your crazy data in TypeScript

  • Bootcampy okiem trenera i developera // Lightning Talk

    dynamIT 19.08.2019

  • Spectator: Make Angular tests great again

    Spectator - Angular unit tests made easy

  • TypeScript across application layers

    Repo: https://github.com/infoshareacademy/infoshare-2019-typescript-between-layers

  • The power of mobile web browsers // Angular Wrocław

    Given at Angular Wrocław, 30.05.2019

  • Bootcampy okiem trenera i developera // full talk

  • The power of mobile web browsers

    Given at Voxxed Days Frontend Bucharest 2019

  • TypeScript na styku warstw aplikacji

    Repo: https://github.com/infoshareacademy/infoshare-2019-typescript-between-layers

  • Bootcampy okiem trenera i developera

    Boiling Frogs 2019

  • Node.js streams 101

    No matter what you are doing as front-end developer Node.js is everywhere and you won’t escape from it. On my presentation I will focus on steams - one of the basic, and often not understand, element of this environment. How they work and what benefit you will get by using them as intended.

  • NGXS - yet another Angular state management library

    Ngrx is not the only option for state management in Angular apps

  • TypeScript magic types - deep dive

    4Developers - 15.10.2018 Kraków; KarieraIT - 8.12.2018 Gdańsk

  • Node.js in .Net Core ecosystem

    Ciklum .Net meetup, 18.09.2018 Gdańsk, TG.NET 13.12.2018, Gdańsk, beIT 14.04.2019

  • Mocking API for front-end devs

    Ciklum UX & Front-end meetup, 27.06.2018 Gdańsk

  • idea ==> implementation in IT

    Angular 3city meetup, 09.05.2018 Gdańsk

  • TypeScript magic types

    Angular 3city meetup, 09.05.2018 Gdańsk