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  • Is “WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate” The Best Product Add-On Plugin?

    If you have been running an eCommerce site for years, I can assume that you have interacted with hundreds of your customers up until now. Whether you capture their opinions through a survey form, take their feedback post-purchase of products, or keep a record of their complaints and suggestions, you take most of their opinions into consideration. It shows that you really value their experience on your site and want to improve it for their convenience. Read more on

  • Top 5 Startups With Impressive Web Designs

    Startup companies are on the rise these days in the whole world. You use the internet to find a particular product or service, chances are the third or fourth website you will visit turns out to be a startup. They are hugely supported by investors, sponsors, and donors to build and launch the product that they are working on. In short, the journey of startup companies is all about turning an idea or concept into reality. Read more on

  • Top 5 WordPress Themes For Photographers In 2020

    You might be knowing well that beautiful themes are the foundation of a great web design. But do you know how you can get such themes for your specific business? Well, there are multiple ways to do that, either you create your own theme using a theme builder or you get a free or premium theme from a trusted theme developer. Though you can create a custom theme using any of these options, using a theme builder provides you more control over your theme design. Read more on

  • 5 Best Ecommerce Platforms of 2020 Compared (With Pros And Cons)

    These days the number of solopreneurs is increasing rapidly, especially those who want to start online stores. For that reason, there is one question running in almost every solopreneur’s mind - which is the best eCommerce platform to create an online store? Well, I must say that the answer to this question can’t be framed in just a single sentence. You need to go through various details before you reach the conclusion. Read more on

  • What Are The Key Differences Between WordPress Posts And Pages (5 Major Differences)

    WordPress is a popular website building software that is used by millions of people across the globe. Some of them are new, some are old, and the rest are very very old. So, that makes a difference in their knowledge about the features, functionality, and the ability of WordPress. One such thing that beginners are mostly uninformed about is the difference between WordPress posts and pages. Read more on

  • How To Create A Great Online Shopping Experience (4 Best Practices)

    These days online competition has increased a lot among various shopping sites. For instance, look for a pair of formal shoes and you will get over a hundred vendors selling shoes at an attractive price. This gives you plenty of opportunities to find the right pair of shoes for you. But do you think that just by having a low-priced product you can acquire a lot of customers? No, not at all! You need to design a complete journey for your customers. Read more on

  • How To Protect Your WordPress Form With A Password (A Simple Way)

    It’s common to see different types of forms on WordPress websites these days. Some are designed to book an appointment with the company while the other to report the product's problem with the company. In both the cases, forms are visible to all the visitors who visit that particular website. But have you thought, what you need to do if you want to limit the access of certain forms to certain users? Read more on

  • 5 Checks You Need To Perform Before Launching A Website

    For many entrepreneurs, websites are one of the most popular sources of income these days. You can build a website for multiple purposes such as monetizing your blog posts, selling your products, or asking your potential clients to take your services. But sometimes intentionally or unintentionally, people launch their websites without building it completely. This could affect the credibility of your website. Read more on

  • 4 Common Web Design Mistakes That Kills Your Conversions

    With time, the approach to design a website has changed a lot. Earlier the designers used to focus on the fancy design elements to grab attention of people. But today, most of the web designs have a simple interface. Why? Because we want our visitors to focus on the main content of our site rather than appealing design elements. According to recent reports, minimal web design is highly effective in increasing the interaction. Read more on

  • 5 Best Ecommerce Platforms To Run Your Online Business

    Many entrepreneurs like you want to sell their products online to their target customers. But they are not able to decide how to build their Ecommerce site. Whether they should choose BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Shopify to create their online store. In short, what is the best eCommerce platform to start, run, and manage their e-store? Well, there is no direct answer to this question because it depends on various parameters. Read more on

  • How To Hide Titles of Your WordPress Posts And Pages (2 Easy Ways)

    WordPress is a multipurpose software, we all know that. Whether you want to build a gorgeous-looking website or take the content management control in your hand, it is always an ideal solution for us. However, it is also true that we don’t use WordPress for these two purposes only. There are lots of things we want to do with WordPress but its limitations don't allow us to do too much. Read more on

  • 7 Best Shopify Apps To Use In 2020 To Enhance Your Online Store

    To run a fully functioning ecommerce website you need the right tools and techniques that can help you to produce lucrative results. Shopify is one of the popular ecommerce website design platforms that comes with a bunch of apps and tools having all the capabilities to run a successful online store in the competitive space. The success of your website totally depends on a few factors like your ecommerce website design. Read more on

  • Top 5 Product Page Design Tips For Ecommerce Sites

    In the digital landscape, product purchase through eCommerce sites has increased dramatically. There are various factors that have contributed to this achievement. Some say it is the easy check out of the products while others believe the secure online payment system. But I think the most evident thing that has helped eCommerce sites to achieve higher sales is the products showcase with all the essential information that people may want to know. Read more on

  • 5 Powerful Tips To Create A Conversion-Boosting Landing Page

    In the last few years, you might have heard a lot about how to drive high traffic to your website and convince your users to try your products. But have you heard of a way that encourages your users to instantly buy your products? Well, a targeted landing page can do that for you in a very compelling way. And let me make it clear that landing pages are not only helpful in boosting your sales but growing your email list as well. Read more on

  • How To Run Shopify In WordPress (The Complete Guide) (Part II)

    Since you want to display your Shopify products on your WordPress website, it is important to connect them with each other. In order to do that you will need to generate some Shopify API keys. To generate the API keys I have discussed the process below: First off, go to the Apps tab in Shopify and then click on Manage private apps. Once you have done that, you need to create a new private app. Read more on

  • 6 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow WordPress Admin In 2020

    Is your WordPress admin panel loading so slow? Well, it’s a common issue faced by many WordPress site owners. If you are among them then you have a serious issue to solve for better results. A slow wordpress admin makes it difficult for the user to access the dashboard which results in less productivity and more hypertension. Not only that but sometimes slow wordpress admin discourages users to complete the assigned task at the given time. Read more on

  • How To Run Shopify In WordPress (The Complete Guide) (Part 1)

    Shopify is a well-known eCommerce site builder that allows you to start, grow, and manage your online store. But there are various reasons people don’t find this application suitable for their e-store. Maybe they have a small number of products to sell or they find its plan a bit expensive. This is why they look for an alternate solution around that’s reliable and inexpensive. Read more on

  • What Is Keen And How To Use It?

    There is tons of information available on the internet for every age group. Whether you want to know how to cook tasty Indian food, how to shave your beard, or how to buy a puppy, search engines will provide you hundreds of results based on your query. But the thing is sometimes you don’t get the exact information that you are looking for in the first attempt. You need to keep going through the results in order to find what you need. Read more on

  • 3 Top Web Design Trends To Adopt In 2020

    One thing that’s true about web design trends is that it keeps changing. You might have witnessed the day when fancy websites used to be the center of attraction for users. But now their taste has changed and they prefer minimalist sites instead to acquire the information. Unlike what you would have seen earlier, today’s web design is all about abundance of whitespace, and muted colors. Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin To Use In 2020

    Looking for the best lead generation plugin for your WordPress website in 2020? If so, then you have landed on the right article where we are going to list some of the best and popular lead generation plugins that you can integrate and activate in your wordpress website within few clicks. Lead generating is considered one of the important aspects of all types of businesses. Read more on

  • Top 5 Features of The New Gutenberg Plugin

    Gutenberg is the default content editor of WordPress using which you can create beautiful pages. This editor offers you a bunch of features to insert different types of content in your layout such as images, videos, tables, text, links and many more. But the thing is you can add each content type using blocks only, and that’s why it is also called Block Editor. While it is a part of the WordPress application, there is no doubt. Read more on

  • 3 Top Backup Plugins For Your WordPress Website

    Our websites have become one of the integral parts of our business nowadays. No matter what you want to do — connect with your audience, capture their feedback or show them your products, a website is always up for the job. And when something is that important for your business, it needs to be treated with utmost attention and care too. There are many ways to protect your website from going into the wrong hands or getting it restored when something goes wrong. Read more on

  • How Your Web Host Choice Affects Your Website’s Security?

    Website security is one of the biggest concerns most website owners have today. While there are various security tools available to protect your website, sometimes they are just not enough. Even if you have deployed the best security plugins on the job, there is one thing you need to largely focus on. Your web host! It is important to ensure that whatever web host you have chosen for your site takes appropriate steps to harden their security. Read more on

  • 5 Benefits of Offering WordPress Website Maintenance Service

    Experienced website designers are one of the valuable assets for any company. You might be working for a particular company for more than ten years now but somewhere you don’t feel satisfied at the moment. The reason could be anything, for example, you want full credit for your work, you feel you are underpaid or you think you can achieve more in your life. Taking these things into consideration, you quit the job, start your own company. Read more on

  • How To Build Impressive Websites Using Thrive Theme Builder

    Beautiful websites are based on beautiful themes that are created by accomplished developers. Do you still think that professional developers can only create such themes? No, not at all! Now you can also build visually appealing themes even if you are a non-designer. In fact, if you think that you are not that creative as seasoned designers usually are, then also you can create as expected themes. Read more on

  • Best WordPress Themes To Use For Your Website In 2020

    WordPress comes with thousands of free and premium themes that help businesses to create a fully responsive website. If you are looking to find the right wordpress theme, then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some of the best ones for your WordPress website. It’s a no brainer that nearly half of the website on the internet is powered by wordpress and more than 35% of the website. Read more on

  • 5 Top Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website Without Plugins

    The world knows that WordPress powers more than 35% of websites. The statistics are the highest of any website design service provider that is existing in the industry. That makes WordPress a widely popular software that can be used for website development and content management. But with more popularity also comes more risk if your website is built on WordPress. Why I’m saying this is because WordPress websites are one of the highest hacked websites. Read more on

  • How To Install WordPress Locally (7 Easy Steps To Follow)

    Developing a website is one thing and making it live for your audience is another. You can create a website design in a few days but you can’t put it out on the main server without checking for bugs or errors. You know well that in order to deliver a great user experience to your visitors, your website should be able run smoothly. And that’s where a local website development looks like an urgent need. Read more on

  • 5 Character Design Tips Every Designer Needs To Know

    We come across various types of website designs while browsing the internet; some are absolutely stunning while others are a bit dull. Even not all the developers are the same who design such sites, some are beginners while others are experienced. But do you know that you can make your website look gorgeous with a few tricks even if you are a novice developer? Read more on

  • 5 Things You Can Do To Increase Visitor Engagement

    There are more than a billion websites running over the internet, including yours. Each has a different identity and probably different designs. You want your site to stand out from them but perhaps don’t know how to do it. And that’s the reason your site isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Well, there are many things you can do to draw the attention of users to your website. Read more on

  • How To Run BigCommerce In WordPress (The Step-By-Step Guide)

    Setting up an eCommerce store has become a lot easier these days than it was before. You have plenty of choices to choose from such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and others. All of them provide you with adequate features and resources to run and manage your e-store. But once you build your eCommerce website with them you will have just one storefront to sell your products and services. Read more on

  • Create Ecommerce Website Using Shopify: A Step By Step Guide To Follow In 2020

    Looking to create a new ecommerce website using Shopify for your business? If so, then you have the right article where we are going to step by step to get started with Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce website builder platforms that allows users to take its subscription to create all types of websites including ecommerce. It comes with many attractive features that allow users to use its shopping cart solution to sell. Read more on

  • 5 Best CSS Optimization Tips  To Reduce Your Site Load Time

    In today’s scenario, having a fast-loading website has become the first need of online businesses, corporates, and bloggers. You know the reason well that Google gives priority to such sites in their rankings when users search something. There are various tools and techniques to speed up your website but they do the job up to certain limits. You may adopt minimal web design, compress image and video files, and host your site. Read more on

  • How To Build A Custom Registration Page In WordPress (The Step-By-Step Guide)

    There are various websites running over the internet that ask for user registration for using some or other services. You may find such requirements for accessing digital magazines, media libraries, or social networking sites. This is a great way to generate leads and expand customer base. By default, WordPress has a public registration page but that may not look visually appealing to you as well as your visitors. Read more on

  • 5 Caching Plugins To Up The Pace of WordPress Websites

    We all know well Google factors in fast loading ability of websites to determine their rankings in search results. So, businesses these days put a lot of time and effort in speeding up their websites. You might be knowing that having lesser design elements on your website helps it to be lightweight and high-performing. But what you might not be knowing is that apart from adopting the minimalist web design approach for your website. Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins That Boosts Conversions

    Landing pages are the conversion-focused pages that are designed to entice every visitor to take action after coming to it. Visitors are shown compelling text, captivating CTA, and sometimes huge discounts for purchasing the product or service. All of this together creates an impressive web design that draws visitors and insist them to sign up for an email list, free trial of the product, or directly buy the usage license of the offered services. Read more on

  • What Is WordPress Block Pattern And How It Differs From Reusable Blocks (With Use Cases Examples)

    WordPress 5.5 has been around us for quite some time and carries out a variety of our important tasks. With WordPress, you can do a number of things such as web design and development, content creation and management, and site monitoring and enhancement. That’s not all, if you install themes and plugins, it will open a whole world of opportunities for you. But we won’t be going that much deeper in this article and solely focus on content creation. Read more on

  • 8 Questions To Ask From A Website Design Company In 2020

    Looking to create a new website design for your business? If so, then you must be aware of some important questions that every business should ask before hiring a website design company for better results. Today with the increase in the number of website design companies finding the right one for your business could be an absolute dream come true. But selecting the right one for your business totally depends on your company. Read more on

  • What Is Brutal Web Design And How It Boosts Your Conversions?

    Before I start discussing what Brutal web design is and how it increases your conversions, I would like to make you understand its origination. Brutal itself represents something that is unpleasant, so you can relate it to anything rugged or uneven around. However, for websites, it is more of a raw web design that is primarily focused on attracting and engaging visitors. The content of brutal web design is straight to the point. Read more on

  • How To Boost The Speed of WordPress Admin Section (5 Proven Tips)

    You can find numerous blogs over the internet that’s written about speeding up your website. But you will find fewer blogs that discuss how to accelerate the admin area of your WordPress website. So, today we have decided to inform you all how to speed up your WordPress admin section. Living in this digital age has increased our performance expectations from virtual products. We want everything to process, open, or load within a fraction of a second. Read more on

  • 5 Impressive Gutenberg Features You Didn't Know Exist

    WordPress is a multipurpose platform for all the designers, non-designer, and bloggers. You can create a new blog site, WooCommerce site, or corporate site using WordPress software. But it’s not that WordPress is well-recognized for these purposes only but the features it offers to build them. One such feature is Gutenberg Block Editor that is used to create website content. With content creation, I mean creating, editing, and publishing. Read more on

  • Ecommerce Merchandising Guide: 5 Effective Strategies To Boost Sales In 2020

    Ecommerce merchandising is considered one of the key factors in becoming successful in the online world. Having a right ecommerce website design and digital merchandising strategy can allow you to engage your customer and encourage them to purchase your product. Merchandising is not a new term, it was introduced long ago when people used to shop from brick and mortar stores. But after consumers started to rely on online shopping. Read more on

  • How To Boost Your WooCommerce Sales With Iconic Sales Booster

    In this blog post, we will review a WooCommerce plugin named Iconic Sales Booster. It is a popular plugin in the e-store industry that claims to grow your sales to a great height. If you would have ever purchased physical products from an eCommerce store, you may have noticed how eager they seem to sell you additional items. They show you various inventories listed under matching products, best seller, and most popular among customers. Read more on

  • How To Create Delivery Schedule For WooCommerce Stores (In 2 Steps)

    In any online business, user experience plays a big role in strengthening the bond between customers and company. If your content is easily readable, navigation bar is easily usable, and the design itself is easy to understand, then your potential customers will be willing to interact more and more with your site. While what you offer to your customers after coming to your site is important, it is equally important what you offer them while leaving your site. Read more on

  • 5 Top Email Customizer Plugins For Your WooCommerce Store

    WooCommerce is a great platform to build and launch an eCommerce site. It provides you with plenty of features and options to add a good layout to your store, include a huge number of products, and implement ideas to make your store very very tempting. Unfortunately, when it comes to sending emails to customers for various purposes it provides generic looking templates that aren't quite eye pleasing. Read more on

  • 6 Important Website Design And Development Factors To Consider In 2020

    Looking to design a new website for your business. If yes, then before creating a new website design we recommend going through some important factors to make the website design and development process more effective and result-driven. Even if you are looking to partner with a bay area website design company to create an attractive and conversion-centric website for your business then also make use of these factors for effective results. Read more on

  • How WooCommerce Direct Checkout Plugin Improves Shopper's Experience

    Customers are always in a hurry, no matter if they want to buy something or check out something. That’s why many WooCommerce stores even experience customers abandoning their site if they don’t have a quick purchase journey. Many sites ask you to sign up first and then place the order, instead of signing in as a guest. The issue is not just limited to this, there are also several sites who just have the “Add to Cart” button on their product page. Read more on

  • How To Make Money Blogging With WordPress (5 Proven Ways)

    The trend of working from home has evolved a lot in recent years and so are the jobs. If someone would have asked you over a decade ago how to earn money being at home, probably you would have no answer. But now the scenario is absolutely different and we have a lot of options to choose from. However, blogging is still at the top because of its ability to influence a large number of people with a few chunks of text. Read more on

  • How To Add Custom Fonts To Your WordPress Website

    There are many ways to make your site good-looking and user-friendly. You can change the design, colors, images, and the buttons to set it apart from masses. What else you can do is customize the fonts to give a great look to your website. So, in this blog, we will sift through the process of adding custom fonts to your WordPress website that will enhance its overall look and feel. Before we look at the whole process. Read more on

  • How To Build A WordPress Sales Page Being A Non-Designer

    As I said before, every business setup all over the world is constantly trying to grow their sales. Since there is a lot of competition over the internet, it has become a must to draw user’s attention to your site in a creative way. If you are not able to do that, at least implement tried and tested ways to drive traffic to your site and then convert. One such idea is to create a landing page for your business site. Read more on

  • How To Send SMS To Subscribers of Your WordPress Website (The Easy Way Explained)

    SMS technology has been around us for a long time, isn’t it? You know how effective it is when it comes to targeting your possible customers. While there are billions of internet users around the world, you can’t deny the fact that you have a myriad of opportunities to acquire quality leads through online platforms. Even many businesses use this platform to its maximum potential to look for their prospective customers and connect. Read more on

  • 5 Best Call To Action Plugins For WordPress You Need

    First tell me what image forms in your mind when you listen to the term CTA? Is it just a big bold button that says you to download an ebook or cleverly written text that encourages you to take some action? Well, there are multiple things that may come to your mind upon hearing the term CTA. But what I understand from CTA is any text, image, or media types that motivates you to take some action. Read more on

  • Online Clothing Store: 7 Tips To Consider Before Starting A New Online Clothing Store In 2020

    Looking to start a new online clothing store? If so then it’s the right time to create a new ecommerce website design that allows you to sell all types of fashion apparel. Today the fashion industry is considered to have huge market space. In the future, there is a huge scope for growth in the fashion industry. Google forecasted thet by 2022 fashion e-tail is going to reach $713 Billion. Read more on

  • How To Fix A Locked Out WordPress Admin Screen Issue (5 Solutions Explained)

    Most of the time people are locked out of WordPress admin page just because of the additional tools they deploy on their site. For example, you could get caught in such a situation if you have installed a plugin that allows only a limited number of login attempts. Let’s say you're trying to login to your WordPress admin account but unfortunately you forgot its username or password. Read more on

  • 5 Top WordPress Opt-In Form Plugins To Grow Your Email List

    Leads are the raw form of customers for any business running worldwide. So, it would be better for you if you use a powerful lead generating tool to build your email list. This will not only increase your chances of acquiring a large number of customers but do that in a more quick manner. Having a lead generating software that is enticing and convincing for your visitors will definitely help you expand your customer base. Read more on

  • How To Know Your WordPress Website Is Being Hacked (7 Evident Signs To Look For)

    In the earlier days, everyone knew WordPress as a simple blogging platform, nothing else. But the current scenario is not the same and everyone knows its true potential now. The WordPress software can now be used as a CMS (Content Management System) as well as a website development platform. If you have an idea of an online store in mind, or a membership site or even a corporate site, WordPress is designed to fulfill all those expectations. Read more on

  • How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Developing WordPress Themes

    WordPress is quite a flexible platform to be on if you really want to build impressive websites. But that’s not all that defines WordPress because it offers a lot more than you expect. With WordPress you can develop themes, redesign themes, and more importantly, customize the whole look of your site. But sometimes developers are not able to carry out this task properly and make mistakes. Read more on

  • The Ultimate Reality of A WordPress Theme You Didn’t Know

    When you look for certain themes in the WordPress repository, you may find the first result just the same as you expected. But you may not know that the theme you are considering to use is not exactly the same that you may need. Often people realize this once they start building their site and they have to reconsider their choices. I’m not saying that you won’t be able to customize the theme you have chosen. Read more on

  • Custom Made vs Readymade WordPress Theme - What’s Better

    WordPress is a powerful open source platform for everyone who wants to build or get built a website. Not just the tools and features helps you to achieve your goal but there is a whole collection of documents to guide you how to create a website. And when you turn to themes for that, you will be also amazed by the offerings of WordPress. Let’s say you want to build a custom theme for your site. Read more on

  • 5 Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins For Your Sales Growth

    Before I tell you anything about affiliate programs, I want to make you understand what the term “affiliate” means. It means closely connecting with someone or something as a member or partner. That could be an individual, program, or an organization with whom you would like to perform certain activities. Got it? Now let’s come to the affiliate program and its working pattern. Affiliate Program is a popular campaign that a merchant site runs. Read more on

  • WordPress Plugins List: Best Free WordPress Plugins To Use In 2020

    Are you looking to know the best free wordpress plugins to enhance your WordPress website functioning in 2020? If so, then you have landed on the right article where we are going list some essential wordpress plugins you should use to enhance your website functioning and appearance. WordPress powers more then 35% of the website on the Internet and dominates 75% of the CMS market. Making it one of the famous and widely used CMS platforms. Read more on

  • 5 Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins To Create Amazing Deals

    In today’s scenario, all websites need a constant lookout of visitors to keep their online visibility very high. But, just getting your site viewed by people is not important if you sell some sort of products or services online. You need to make sure that people who come to your site buy them too. But it’s not guaranteed that each of your potential customers will purchase your items when they come to your site. Read more on

  • How To Automate Your Email Marketing (4 Tools To Explore)

    Marketing Automation is the process of deploying software instead of marketing executives to carry out your online marketing tasks. Though what part of online marketing you would like to work on totally depends on you. For instance, there are multiple tools for doing email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. In addition to that, there are also All-In-One marketing automation tools that manage most parts of your online marketing. Read more on

  • Top 3 Table Rate Shipping Plugins For WooCommerce (Free & Premium)

    WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin is a popular WordPress tool that helps you make multiple pricing rules for sending your products to customer’s addresses. These rules are created taking various factors into consideration such as weight, value, dimensions, quantity, and shipping destination of the product. Once you are ready with your price list for shipping items, you are ready to get going with your online store. Read more on

  • Dropshipping Marketing Strategy: 7 Ways To Grow Your Dropshipping Business In 2020

    Dropshipping is considered to be the only lucrative business that allows an entrepreneur to sell products without having a product inventory or stock. Having an impactful and revenue-generating dropshipping marketing strategy can help you to grow your business and acquire more customers. Most e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and more have been using a dropshipping business model sine 2011. Read more on

  • How To Install A WordPress Plugin (3 Easy Routes To Take)

    If content is the power source of websites, plugins are the functionality sources for sure. Plugins are one of the many objects that make a WordPress website and it is necessary that your website have it in the right number. Anything more or anything less could affect your website performance. But here the matter is not that but how to install plugins on Wordpress websites and what’s the easiest way to do it? Read more on

  • 5 Best Table Plugins For WordPress That Works On Mobiles - SFWPexperts

    While publishing informative content for our readers, we generally come across situations where we need to embed a table in our posts. These tables comprise financial, statistical, or scientific data that we collect from different resources. Since the size of the table is never fixed, we always have to increase its length or width to enter all the data we have. Though there is hardly any problem in viewing bigger tables on big screen. Read more on

  • WordPress Themes: 5 Best Themes For Enthusiastic Bloggers

    Thrive Theme Builder is one of the most sophisticated page building applications on this list. This WordPress theme has huge potential to give a completely new but eye-pleasing look to your website. If I talk specifically, it provides you with powerful theme customization abilities for 404, search, and archive pages of your blog site. Not just that, with Thrive Theme Builder you can also customize the whole layout of your blog page. Read more on

  • 3 Top Features Of Gutenberg Editor In WordPress

    When Gutenberg editor was released with WordPress 5.0 on December 6th, 2018, probably no one would have expected that it was going to hit it big in the market. Even I didn’t expect that it was going to be so advantageous for our content creation. But now when we have it on our computer screen, we see how easy it is to build our pages with Gutenberg block editor. To do that, you need to just drag and drop certain blocks, embed text and media content. Read more on

  • What Is A WordPress Multisite And What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

    WordPress Multisite is a prominent feature in WordPress that allows you to run various websites using just a single WordPress installation. This feature is particularly useful for entrepreneurs who run multiple businesses or companies to cater to a wide range of users. Using this specific tool, you can manage and run several websites utilizing just a single database. The thing is when you start a WordPress multisite. Read more on

  • Dropshipping Guide: Tips To Start A Dropshipping Business In 2020

    Looking to start a conversion-centric and revenue-generating dropshipping business? If so, then you have landed on the right article where we will help you to demystify different tips and techniques that can help you in building an effective and revenue-generating dropshipping business. Undoubtedly, starting a new dropshipping business is a step toward creating your own brand, selling products to your customers, and setting your own product pricing. Read more on

  • How To Organize Categories And Tags For WordPress Blogs (4 Steps To Execute)

    Categories and tags are parts of a taxonomy system in WordPress that are used to group posts written on the same topic. There are multiple benefits of using categories and tags for your blog posts. Firstly, it allows your website visitors to find the content they are looking for in one go. All it takes is clicking on tags they want to acquire information about and the next moment they will see a list of blog posts written on that subject. Read more on

  • Paid WordPress Themes: Why It’s Better Than Free Options?

    In this blog, we will do a brief comparison between premium WordPress themes and free WordPress themes. Once you read this post, you will come to know why you should choose paid themes over free ones. But before we start, I want to let you know who we are as a company. Labeled as SFWPExperts for the entire world, we are a joint team of web design and online marketing experts whose aim is to grow every single online business that comes to us. Read more on

  • 5 Mistakes That Are Stopping Your Site To Be Mobile-Friendly

    It’s already out everywhere that mobile users have outgrown desktop users in terms of traffic. What’s more, it is still on the rise and looks like it won’t drop anytime soon. Having an edge over other internet-enabled devices in terms of portability ease, mobile phones are highly used by people to surf the internet. And this is the reason that Google has also prioritized mobile-friendly websites in its search results. Read more on

  • How To Optimize Your WordPress Blogs For Top Ranks (3 Things To Ensure)

    SEO has now become one of the most important activities to be performed for ranking your site on the top of search results. But the thing is it isn’t a small topic and comprises a lot of minor and major tasks to get best results. The moment you decide to optimize your website or blogs for search engines, you need to pay a close attention to various things such as: - Research appropriate keywords related to the topic of your content. Read more on

  • Subscription Box Marketing: 8 Tips To Aquire New Customer For Your Subscription Box In 2020

    Customer acquisition is one of the key aspects of your subscription box marketing strategy which will directly help you in growing your business. In subscription box business you should be more focused on onboarding maximum subscribers to generate more sales and revenue. But the question is how to acquire maximum customers or subscribers for a subscription box business? Read more on

  • How To Optimize Your WordPress Blogs For Social Sites

    The biggest reason for optimizing your articles for social sites is to increase the shares, tweets and pins as much as possible. When this happens the click-through rate of your site will take a jump and you will notice your site is getting more and more popular over the internet. Knowing that there are more than a dozen social media sites in existence, optimizing your blog for each one may take too much of your time. Read more on

  • How To Organize WordPress Websites (5 Tips To Implement)

    So, our today’s topic is going to be the most basic one that probably each one of us needs to be well-informed about. Don’t you think the same? Well, we all build websites with some priorities in mind and that’s no different from catering to our visitors in the best way possible. When we started researching how to offer a great user experience to our visitors, one of the answers we came across was by organizing your website in a neat and clean manner. Read more on

  • How To Install A WordPress Theme Easily (3 Methods To Check Out)

    In this blog, we will look at three popular methods to install a WordPress theme on your site. Though there are many themes to choose from WordPress repository, we recommend to pick only those that are attention-grabbing, SEO-optimized, and have 4+ ratings. With that finished, now it’s time to get back to the main subject of this content. However, prior to that you must have a look at the introductory part as well. Read more on

  • How To Hide Your WordPress Login Page (The Easy Way Explained)

    In order to precisely hit the nail on the head, I must say Brute Force Attack is a password guessing game that hackers play to enter the back stage of your WordPress website. Their mechanism of cracking into your site is based on the submission of multiple passwords or passphrases on your login page just to get inside your site. They keep trying to get access to your site’s backend until they find the password that works. Read more on

  • 4+ Impressive WooCommerce Themes For WordPress Powered Websites

    In general, WooCommerce Theme is a collection of design patterns for different areas of an eCommerce website that increases its visual appeal dramatically. Since a good-looking website tends to attract more visitors, a gorgeous WooCommerce theme works like lifeblood for them. However, you should not think that WooCommerce themes are chosen only by considering its style and layout. Read more on

  • Subscription Box Business: 7 Tips To Consider Before Starting Online Subscription Box Business In 2020

    Looking to sell subscriptions online? If yes then you have landed on the right article where we will highlight some tips that you can consider before starting an online subscription box business. With the increase in online shoppers and competition, sellers are seeking unique ways to sell their products to their customers. Starting or including a subscription box in your business can help you to reach out to the new customer. Read more on

  • How To Install Google Analytics In WordPress Websites (The Easiest Method Explained)

    Google Analytics is a useful tool that collects and presents a huge amount of data about your website. Whatever the figures it reflects about your site, that shows how your website is performing on the online platform. Particularly, if you are a blogger, it’s quite a necessary tool for you to keep track of everything happening within your site. Because at the end of the day the major part of your income will be generated by the traffic your blog site gets. Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Plugins That Improves Your Website Accessibility

    Website Accessibility is a term that means a website should be designed with essential tools and technologies to make it usable for all types of users. Not to mention, the users who come to your site are not all normal and may have some disabilities. It doesn’t matter what organs they are facing issue with, they should be able to read, understand, and navigate your site as easily as possible. Read more on

  • How To Migrate Your Blog From To (4 Steps To Execute)

    WordPress, a Big Software Brand in the world has evolved as a powerful platform for website development and management in the past years. While it releases a number of themes, plugins and other applications every year, not each of them is sufficient for each of us. Just take an example of and, both of them have a different set of users with different end goals. Read more on

  • What Is Better - vs (A Detailed Comparison)

    This blog has been especially designed to give you a good idea of two website building platforms running under one name “WordPress”. For those who don’t know, and are two different applications to create and manage websites. We will let you know about each of them one by one including their advantages, disadvantages and cost of ownership. But before you acquire the miscellaneous information underneath. Read more on

  • 5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than HTML For Website Development

    Ok, today we are going to take a deeper look at why you should build your website with WordPress instead of HTML. In this blog we will put five solid reasons before you that will compel you to choose WordPress over HTML for creating custom websites. But before you navigate to the main content, I would like you to know about a high-rated web design company in Los Angeles - SFWP Experts. Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Use In 2020

    With the increase, the wordpress website vulnerabilities and different malicious activities identifying and installing the best WordPress security plugin can help you to get rid of various wordpress security issues. WordPress is the most widely used platform with millions of users, its popularity and usability invite hackers. There is a vast wordpress developer community that is working regularly to offer a secured environment. Read more on

  • What New Features And Functionalities WordPress 5.5 Will Bring

    If you remember, WordPress had introduced the Gutenberg Block editor back in 2018. This tool is particularly used to create and edit content for your website. And let me tell you it’s not the same till date as it was when released back in those days. With every WordPress update, there has been some or the other thing improved or added as a new functionality within Gutenberg Block Editor. Read more on

  • How To Reset A WordPress Website - A Simple Method To Use

    Resetting a WordPress website is just like any other normal activity where you restore all its settings to default. If this doesn’t sound understandable, just think of it like “factory reset” you generally do in your mobile phone. Carrying out a WordPress website reset allows you to delete all additional applications and customizations in order to bring it in a state it was by default. Doing this helps you to start your website just like a brand new one. Read more on

  • How To Perform a WordPress Security Audit (5 Important Checkpoints)

    You can describe WordPress Security Audit as a process to thoroughly examine websites to check for any security loopholes. Carrying out this security check prevents your site from going into the hands of hackers around. While running this process you can check for any malicious code merged into your scripts, suspicious activity that is intended to hurt your business, or just know the reason behind a sudden drop in your website performance. Read more on

  • 5 Top Knowledge Base Plugins For WordPress (Free And Premium)

    Knowledge Base plugin is a popular tool used for curating all the blog posts of your WordPress website that’s specifically designed for users’ self-help. At times you get same queries from many users about a particular product or service that makes you annoyed answering them again and again. This isn’t a good situation to be in and fortunately, a handful of software are available to end your cause of frustration. Read more on

  • How To Secure Your WordPress Contact Form

    Contact Form, as the name suggests, it is a short and simple form that allows you to capture your visitors’ message in an easy and convenient manner. Though having just a phone number and an email address on your website also can help your visitors communicate with you, it’s the contact form that saves you from lots of spams. Yes, you heard that right - there are many people out there who don’t know how to send a proper email including their message. Read more on

  • WordPress Security Guide: 8 Tips To Secure WordPress Website In 2020

    Are you looking for the WordPress security tips that enable you to protect your WordPress website design? WordPress security is one of the most discussed topics that is troubling almost every WordPress website owner. If you are working with WordPress then you should always care about your website security. No matter how effective and persuasive your WordPress website design and the product is for the customer. Read more on

  • What Is Design Thinking And How To Carry It Out?

    Design Thinking is a process that involves finding the perfect solution for problems users are facing when using a site. While it is focused on the visitors, the improvements done in the design elements leads to better user experience and conversions. Now let me ask you an important question, how often do you visit your website becoming a visitor? Once in a week, month or three months? Read more on

  • What Is Custom Illustrations? Explained With 5 Elegant Examples

    The website design industry has come a long way seeing newer styles gaining momentum for some time and then replaced by another. Nothing stays here longer unless the layout is eye-catchy, user-centric, and largely focused on the message of the brand. You might be knowing about single page designs, 3D designs, parallax scrolling, minimalism, and whatnot, but I doubt you would be seeing it everywhere nowadays. Read more on

  • 8 Ways To Optimize Woocommerce Product Page To Drive More Sales In 2020

    With the rapid increase in the number of online shoppers and stores, making your woocommerce store successful is not an easy job. There is a lot that goes into persuading shoppers to add products in the cart from your WooCommerce product page. If you are looking to generate more sales from your woocommerce store then its time to optimize your woocommerce product page. Read more on

  • 5 Top Tips To Grow Your WordPress Blog Faster

    WordPress, an Automattics’ product, probably needs no introduction for the people in any part of the world, right? A platform that was started to cater to bloggers has now grown into much more. You can use it to build impressive websites, manage web content, and do a number of things to enhance your online visibility. However, in today’s blog we will be limiting the discussion to the blogging part only. Read more on

  • How To Create A Sitemap For Your WordPress Website?

    A Sitemap or an XML Sitemap, you just read in the title is not only a method to make your site easy to navigate for users but for search engines too. When users come to your site, they don’t just consume your content and go away, but sometimes check out your website as a whole. Often they read your article only to get interested in your products and services. So you need to ensure that whenever they want to check out your offerings. Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Theme Builders On The Market

    A will to do different, appear different or just make a different mark online often push people to take actions that they haven’t done before, right? The mindset while building an impressive website for your personal blog or company remains more or less the same. Sometimes you simply don’t know what to do and how to do but to make your website stand out for sure. Amid all these things running in your mind. Read more on

  • 10 WordPress Statistics And Facts That Amazes

    WordPress is undoubtedly the number one blogging platform, website builder, and content management system across the globe. 35% of websites around the world rely on this open-source software to run their online business, official portal, or companies’ site. And then there are applications like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace that handles the rest. But have you ever realized that this isn’t only the record WordPress is known for? Read more on

  • 3 Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider Compared

    Hosting your WordPress website with a reliable web host is no less than a blessing in today’s time. They are the ones you can look forward to anytime you need help with your website. It doesn’t matter whether your site is getting high traffic, running slow, or simply crashed, they have a solution for every single problem you run into. But do you know what are the best web hosts around? What do they offer in terms of speed, security, and backups? Read more on

  • WooCommerce Product Page: Tips To Customize Your Product Page In 2020

    The Woocommerce product page is one of the most important pages in your Woocommerce website. By default, every woocommerce product page design tends to look the same, but the different products in your e-store require unique design depending on its feature and functioning. Do you want your Woocommmerce product page to grab more visitor’s attention and convert them into paying customers? Read more on

  • 5 Top Features You Should Look For In A WordPress Theme

    Themes are one of the major components of websites that determine its appearance for the most part. That’s why you need to pay a higher level of attention while choosing one for yours. Be informed that your theme choices may vary depending on the type of website you have. For instance, there are different sets of themes available for generalized websites and niche websites, so you need to pick one that suits your requirements pretty well. Read more on

  • How To Create A WordPress Contact Form (Just 4 Steps To Do)

    In today’s time, just running an online business isn’t a difficult task, but nicely assisting your customers too. You may have an impressive website focused on meeting each need and demand of users, but sometimes it really fails to get them what they want. You never know what they would be looking for when they come to your site. Not just your products or services are all they want but may be a casual conversation with you. Read more on

  • Top 3 WordPress RSS Feed Plugins To Pick In 2020

    Do you know information collection and presentation are two entirely different things? You can put together a lot of valuable information on your website, but it’s not guaranteed people will view it unless you curate it in an eye-friendly way. Now, what does that mean? Rendering your website data in an easily readable way is more important than what it actually is. Read more on

  • How To Disable WordPress Comments (3 Ways To Do It)

    There is no denying the fact that comments are good for your website and blogs as far as boosting your SEO goes. But sometimes managing them could be real pain if you don’t have someone to look after it. Not just that, your website performance can also be hindered if a lot of comments are posted on your WordPress website. So, what’s the solution? Of course disable it permanently or temporarily as you like. Read more on

  • How To Update PHP For WordPress Websites (Explained In 4 Steps)

    WordPress is largely used around the world for website development and content management. Being a prominent software in today’s time, people hopefully look at it for offering powerful security and optimization features. Sometimes these essentials are met by installing and activating a bunch of plugins, But do you know your website security is not only dependent on WordPress plugins but other factors as well? Read more on

  • Grow Ecommerce Website Sales And Traffic In 2020 Using Content Marketing

    Do you want to grow your ecommerce website sales and traffic? If yes then ecommerce content marketing is one of the most effective and strategic ways to drive more traffic and conversions on your product page. Many ecommerce websites owners and marketers don’t realize the power and importance of content marketing for an online store. Undoubtedly an e-commerce website design plays a crucial role in grabbing your visitor’s attention. Read more on

  • 5 Ugly Truths About Shared Web Hosting You Didn’t Know

    If you are running an online business, your website is the most valuable asset that you want to be in the perfect state 24/7. Because you know well a slight malfunction in your site may direct your visitors to your competitors in just a matter of seconds. That’s why checking for all the optimal resources you can use to keep your site up and operating is an absolutely inevitable job. Read more on

  • How To Avoid Your WordPress Website Revenue Loss Due To Ad Blockers

    This is a widely known fact that bloggers monetize their content to perfectly run and maintain their website. But for a few years now, Ad Blockers have badly affected their income generation source. Blog site administrators want to have ads on their websites whereas visitors don’t. What compels them to not view the ads on sites is the amount of annoyance it brings to them. While they are fully immersed in reading the articles. Read more on

  • How To Use Categories And Tags In WordPress For Your Blogs

    Articles are one of the richest sources of information, no matter if it is published on the web or magazine. Visitors often come to websites in a hurry to grab the desired information. So, it’s imperative for you to have all the posts on your website in a neat, clean, and organized manner. Maybe they have come to your site just to read one blog but now they want more of it. Read more on

  • Top 5 WordPress Media Library Plugins For Easy Data Management

    While having a WordPress website for your company or business is an advantage, sometimes managing it could become a challenge - if you don’t have proper tools in place. You might know well how many files your WordPress website has right now, but it’s less likely you will remember it a few years later. The reason? Your WordPress website keeps growing and so is the collection of your files. Read more on

  • 5 Best Author Box Plugins For Writers, Contributors, Guests

    Writing a clear and compelling content for your readers may take a lot of time and effort, but the moment you add your name on the blog as an “author” gives immeasurable pleasure, isn’t it? It lets people know that you have created the article from which they are acquiring the information. But do you know the name placement on your written materials not just helps in letting the audience know about your work but also building a connection with them? Read more on

  • WooCommerce Payment Gateways: 6 Best Payment Gateways For Your Online Store In 2020

    Do you want to integrate different woocommerce payment gateways to optimize your online store checkout process? Collecting payment from customers is one of the important aspects of the ecommerce industry. Earlier Credit/Debit card, Cash was considered the most convenient mode of payments by every ecommerce website. But after the launch of advanced payment gateways, shoppers have started to expect these online gateways while making their payment. Read more on

  • 4 Popular WordPress Plugins Based On AI and ML

    There is no taking away from the fact that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has already started occupying our lives in some or other way. Just look at the virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri that provide us the required information even before a couple of seconds. Thanks to AI and ML technologies that have enabled them to make us learn new things everyday. But that’s not the point here, it is - is it enough for us? Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Fuel Your Content Marketing Efforts

    You probably know well, these days how important it is to have an effective content marketing strategy in place. Apart from implementing it, you have to invest your time in analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns and track the results. While performing such tasks regularly isn’t easy, fortunately there are some useful tools available to let you do exactly that. Read more on

  • 5 WooCommerce Plugins For Your Online Store Enhancement

    In this cut-throat online competition, it has become imperative to set your shopping site apart from others. While users have a lot of choices nowadays to purchase a product or service, they tend to buy from someone customer-friendly. So, if your trade-place is more user-focused rather than sales-focused, most likely you will get higher visitors and conversions. Now the question is what makes an e-store user-centric? Read more on

  • Customer Retention Strategies: 8 Ways To Improve Customer Retention Rate In 2020

    Are you looking for effective and impactful customer retention strategies to retain your existing customers? Customer retention is one of the biggest assets ignored by most of the brands and businesses as they are obsessed with lead generation and acquiring new customers. To boost your brand/business value, revenue and sales your marketing techniques should always include effective and impactful customer retention strategies. Read more on

  • Top 5 Tricks For Browser Developer Tools You Must Learn

    Developers play a key role in building, testing, and maintenance of websites of all genres. While their job involves a lot of responsibilities, they should be provided with adequate tools to perform imperative tasks. Be it Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, or Optimize, they help them to acquire a lot of information about websites and work on improvements. Now let me know: have you heard of Browser Developer Tools beyond that? Read more on

  • 6 Common Landing Page Mistakes Costing Your Conversions

    Landing page is a lead-generating machine that benefits almost all types of businesses. If designed well, it can get you a huge amount of customers that you might not be aware of. This is the reason that companies who are well educated about its potential invest a considerable amount of time designing it nicely. But throughout the process, sometimes they overlook the importance of some elements which translates into lesser user engagement. Read more on

  • 5 Common WordPress Errors And How To Solve It Individually

    It usually feels annoying whenever we open a website and encounter an error, isn’t it? This happens with our visitors too who come to our site but couldn’t get the required information. In that case, their bad experience results in our bounce rate increment thus, terrible site reputation. These errors are of different types, some are in the 100s category, some in 200s, and so on. Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Version Control Plugins To Undo Changes

    Managing software projects at a web design company is a little intricate task, especially when you have a bigger team. A lot of people contribute to website creation, plugin development, and software production including designers, developers, and editors. So, chances are good that different people will make different changes resulting in a completely different outcome. Read more on

  • 5 Best Enlightening Web Design Events To Attend In 2020

    Attending seminars and conferences is a great way to learn new things. I’m sure you would have also attended a few in your life-journey. What did you learn? New web design ideas, online marketing strategies, or brand promotion tips? To be frank, there are countless things you can grasp when you participate in educational events. You meet new people, pick their brain, and implement it carefully to obtain excellent results. Read more on

  • WordPress Website Design Guide: Things To Know Before Creating WordPress Websites

    Are you looking to create an attractive and conversion-centric WordPress website design for your business? But confused about different aspects of WordPress website design? If yes then you have landed on the right article where you will come to know different aspects of WordPress website design. We will also help you to determine answers for some important and underrated questions that every WordPress website owner should know. Read more on

  • Top 4 Features To Look For In A WordPress Starter Theme

    Always living up to clients’ expectations being a developer, I think that’s not a job everyone can do. Fortunately, there are certain tools available to lessen your burden significantly, and more importantly, they are absolutely free. One such resource is the “WordPress starter theme” that you can use to create user-centric and search-engine-optimized themes. Now tell me one thing: have you heard of a “starter theme” before this mention? Read more on

  • Is Google Site Kit Really Useful For WordPress Site Management?

    If you are running a WordPress website, chances are good you would be using several tools to track its performance. Maybe you wanted to check on how much traffic your website is getting or whether your SEO efforts are elevating your rankings. There are numerous tools available to serve your purpose, whether it is Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or some other. Read more on

  • How To Make Your WordPress Website Static With Plugin

    With the term static in the title, no wonder you would have clearly understood what I’ll be talking about in this content. However, for the unversed, I would like to outline that we’ll discuss the method to create a static WordPress website using the WP2Static plugin here. Now the first question that you might be seeking an answer to is what a static website is, right? And once you get familiar with the WordPress static website. Read more on

  • 5 Tried And Tested Tips For Your Website Branding

    Having a website that stands out from the herd is what everyone wants, right? But unfortunately, only fewer people are informed about how to do it correctly. Even when the versed people implement the techniques to make their site look apart from the competition, sadly not all achieve the goal. The reason is quite obvious - they do not factor several important things throughout the process which impacts the audience. Read more on

  • 5 WordPress Theme Frameworks That Are Developer-Friendly

    The road to theme or website development is sometimes difficult, sometimes easy, depending on the choices you make. You can create a theme using a set of codes, modifying readymade themes, or utilizing already-made frameworks, that’s completely up to you. Though the first two options are widely used by various developers, it’s the last one about which people have varied opinions. Read more on

  • How To Optimize Cloudways For A Faster WordPress Website?

    On the web, where growing competition is the new talking point, no doubt why people are coming up with powerful strategies to attract visitors. You may be knowing one or two ways to draw in more eyes to your site, still there are many that people are unknown about. Out of all tactics you know to grab the attention of users, it’s the loading speed of your website that’s most impactful. Read more on

  • 5 Free WordPress Backup Plugins You Can Confidently Use

    A website can crash due to a number of reasons best known to experts. Most of the time they emerge as database failure, themes or plugins incompatibility, or hosting your site with incompetent companies. Once you are caught up in such a situation you realize the importance of having a website backup. But tell me one thing: did you know you can backup your site on your own without relying on your web host? Read more on

  • 5 Crucial Things An Ideal CMS Should Avoid

    CMS, short for Content Management System is the backbone of websites, and there are no two opinions about it. You can’t consider website management as a set-it-and-forget-it type of task unless you don’t care about your users and business. Having a CMS at your disposal allows you to carry out the desired changes within your site whenever you want. Maybe you plan to update your old content, create new articles. Read more on

  • Top E-commerce Website UX Design Trends You Must Adopt

    Eons ago, when cell phones were launched little did anyone know that its advancement is going to revolutionize the online shopping experience. To be frank, even I haven’t anticipated that. Also, mobile phones had tiny screens at that time - barely enough to find contacts and make a phone call. But as overtime, its potential has grown, entrepreneurs, webmasters, and the public all are surprised. Read more on

  • WordPress Website Redesign: How To Redesign An Existing WordPress Website?

    Looking to optimize your current WordPress website design to attract and convert more customers? If yes then WordPress website redesign can be the best solution to boost your conversions as well as customer acquisition rate. At some stage, almost every website has to redesign its website to offer a more enhanced and persuasive appearance to its user. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses face challenges while designing. Read more on

  • 5 Best Free Plugins To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

    Website management isn’t easy itself and things get complicated even more when you have a cluttered admin dashboard. Sometimes you head to your WordPress admin section to make changes to your web content and once you get there you are lost managing plugins. There are too many notifications, widgets, and options that take your attention away from what you were supposed to do. Read more on

  • What Is Website Localization And Why Is It So Important?

    If you run a business website, it’s not a surprise that your audience hails from all parts of the world. So, catering to their needs and demands should be a must for you. However, you need to take note that the group you want to reach out to may or may not speak the same language your website is covered in. That’s why it is pretty important for you to create a portal that they can interact within the language they are comfortable with. Read more on

  • 5 Best Security Plugins That Guarantees No-Data Leakage

    When building a professional website for your company, you need to have some effective security strategies in a place other than just for design and promotion. You may employ a robust security tool to protect your data, but sometimes the hackers just won’t spare you. Once your website is up and running, you might be sleeping in peace thinking that the security plugin is taking care of your site. Read more on

  • 6 Best Woocommerce Product Filter Plugin To Use In 2020

    Do you want your site visitor to make a successful purchase every time they visit your WooCommerce website? Adding the best product filter plugin in your WooCommerce store can encourage your site visitors to buy the product and convert into paying customers. Most of the time buyers land on an eCommerce website and search for a particular category, scroll through hundreds of products, and leave the website without mankind making any purchase. Read more on

  • Top 5 Advantages of Having A Privacy Policy On Your Website

    Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship, no matter if it is personal or professional one. When launching an online business, there is a small doubt probably every website owner has whether or not they should have a privacy policy on their site. You might be thinking about this too if your plan is to create and make life a shopping site real soon. However, let me tell you that a website with a privacy policy at visitors’ disposal is ten times. Read more on

  • How To Create Responsive Tables In WordPress With Plugins

    Presenting comparative information to viewers in a way that they can easily understand is perhaps a challenge every shopping or blog site wants to conquer. Being a customer-centric Wordpress website design company we always find ways to make our website as user-friendly as possible. In that pursuit, we create strategies to display two or more products' information in a way that facilitates the decision-making process of viewers. Read more on

  • 3 Best CDN Choices You Can Make

    In today’s scenario, website optimization has become really important, especially for online businesses. You know well the first point of interaction for your potential customer is your website and it is necessary to make sure that it delivers an awesome experience. With this, I don’t mean just having an intuitive interface and easy navigation will enhance your user’s experience, but the fast loading speed too. Read more on

  • How To Boost Your Traffic Through Website Translation

    With the advent of eCommerce websites, it has become significantly important to become commercially successful on the global level. Not just to capture more market share but to increase the brand reputation as well. The end goal of most companies is common, but tell me one thing - have you ever wondered what attracts international potential customers to your site? Or, how can you grow your global consumers? Read more on

  • How To Speed Up Your Website Using WP Fastest Cache?

    Slow-loading websites have the tendency to put your business at risk. Online users don’t like to wait when they are after seeking some important information. Who knows what’s their purpose of coming to your site? Maybe they want to read your blogs, acquire product information, or directly make a purchase. But all these can become easily possible only if you deliver them a great user experience. What do I mean by that? Read more on

  • How Website Optimization Is The Backbone of Online Success?

    In this virtual world, it’s hard to recognize someone without a special trait. You can’t really assume something to be good just because it has similar qualities to other goods. Take note that the webspace is big and the possibilities to make a mark on someone is even bigger. So, there has to be something in your site that draws in your target audience. No matter, if you put eye-glazing pictures, immersive videos, or conversational content on your site. Read more on

  • Google Launches A New AI-Powered Platform “Keen”

    Recently Google has launched its latest experiment called Keen that can be considered as an answer to Pinterest. Yes, you heard it right Google’s Area 120 that focuses on developing and creating experimental applications & services has recently announced keen that can also be considered as a new channel for traffic. Back in July 2019, you might have come across an experimental application called Shoelace that was launched by the same team Google. Read more on

  • 5 Tried And True Tips To Improve WordPress Websites Security

    Ever since the WordPress software has been launched its users are increasing exponentially. First, it was a platform for creating and operating blog sites, now it is best known as a reliable CMS (Content Management System) as well as a website building platform. The point is WordPress has become an integral part of most businesses running online. As easier building websites with WordPress have become, more difficult now it is to secure them. Read more on

  • How To Maintain Your WordPress Database Nicely

    The database is the heart of a website and so ensuring its well being is extremely important. For the most part, the database of a site determines its speed and performance. Now you might be thinking, usually, the loading speed of websites depends on the media content it has, then what’s the role of databases in that? Well, the database of your WordPress website might contain unnecessary information that’s of no use and needs to be cleaned. Read more on

  • Google Data Studio Guide: What Is Google Data Studio? How To Use It In 2020?

    Facing difficulties in deciphering your Google analytics data and reporting it to your clients? If yes, then don’t worry Google Data Studio has got you covered. Many marketers around face difficulties in accessing, understanding, and visualizing google analytics data. Because of that most of them fail to report back to their clients with authentic and reliable data. Read more on

  • What Is Headless WordPress And Why Is It So Popular?

    From the headline, you might understand I’m going to talk about something weird in this blog but that’s not the case. Headless WordPress is a completely meaningful topic and I think you should be aware of it. There are times when you are bored of being normal and want to try something out-of-the-box. Maybe you regularly drive a manual car but now you want to convert it into automatic. Or, you are already having an automatic and you want it to do all-electric. Read more on

  • Top 5 WordPress Developer Skills You Must Learn In 2020

    Enhancement is a never-ending process, no matter if you take it in the terms of features update or functionality addition. Like every other website building platform out there, WordPress is also a software that supports website development. Have you ever wondered why it is more popular than other website building applications? Of course, it has more themes, plugins, and useful tools than you will find at other places. Read more on

  • What To Find In A WordPress Security Solution Provider?

    When building a WordPress website one of the first things you are concerned about is how to protect it from hackers and crackers. Because you know your website information is going to be more precious as your brand grows over time. This is where partnering with a reliable website security provider is considered. You want to be assured that your website data is fully safe and secure. Read more on

  • Top 10 Web Design Statistics To Keep A Tab On

    In today’s scenario, probably it is inevitable to have an online presence of your brand. Since most users spend most of their time on digital platforms, you can’t deny the fact that a number of your potential customers will come from there only. Seeing the number of mobile phone users increasing around the world, I can say we are very close to a completely virtual world. What have you done to make it more user-focused? Read more on

  • How To Update Your Old Blogs To Increase Your Traffic

    Creating new content frequently is time-consuming and effort demanding. Sometimes you are up for that, the other you are just not. Then what to do in such a situation? Can we update our blog posts targeting new keywords? Will it still be Google-friendly? Will I get loads of visitors? Well, I will say you must give it a try. Why? Because it has brought some really amazing results for other digital marketers out there and so should for you. Read more on

  • How To Create Responsive Tables In WordPress?

    There is no denying the fact that tables are a great way to render comparative information. Often we see this when visiting eCommerce websites. No matter if you want to compare products’ features, service availability, or multiple useful information, tables are seemingly easier to convey data-rich information. Now you might be wondering when the same job can be done by a few chunks of text why one would need tables, right? Read more on

  • 5 Best Tips To Make Your WordPress Site More Accessible

    The world is full of different types of people having different abilities. Some are perfectly ok, the other has some sort of defects. Your potential customers lie among them so you need to be ready to cater to all groups of people. Of course, I don’t mean you should get in touch with them each time they need your service. Instead what you can do is make your website accessible for all types of people whether they are visually impaired, have issues in hearing. Read more on

  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Using Different Techniques In 2020

    Are you looking to reduce shopping cart abandonment of your eCommerce website? Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common problems faced by almost every eCommerce website. Sometimes your eCommerce website design drives away shoppers, Whereas most of the time checkout page issues give rise to shopping cart abandonment. Other than eCommerce website design and checkout page issues there are other problems that abstain customers. Read more on

  • Top 5 Tip To Consider Jar Plugins For WordPress

    Praising often leads to enhancement. And what if it’s in the form of capital instead of words? It pleases even more, right? Well, it was sensed by a number of authors before they finally developed useful tip collection tools. What they had in mind before working on the project is to create a source of extra income for professionals who love doing what they do. Thanks to their efforts, they come up with Tip Jar Plugins that are focussed on accepting donations. Read more on

  • A Concise Guide To Launching A WordPress Blog In 2020

    Churning out a compelling story out of one’s knowledge or experience is something most people definitely want to do. Odds are, even you would have not been able to overlook the urge to share your tale. And no doubt that’s why you have landed on this page. That dream to have your own blog site is going to be true real soon. Of course, we will guide you through the process of starting a WordPress blog in 2020. Read more on

  • Checkout Page Optimization: Different Way To Improve Checkout Page Conversion In 2020

    Checkout Page optimization is one of the underrated processes in e-commerce website design but the most effective ways to drive more conversions and sales. Today more than 70% of the shoppers abandon the cart after facing various problems during the checkout process. So the question is why users abandon the cart during the checkout process? Most of the eCommerce websites focus on optimizing their website appearance, navigation, product appearance. Read more on

  • 4 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Options To Pick From

    In today’s time, properly running or maintaining a wordpress website is not an easy task. You need to ensure that each of your activities are getting done nicely, be it content creation, Wordpress website design, online marketing, or even social media promotion for that matter. Even though you make sure that all these things are being carried out sparingly, it doesn’t guarantee your website is delivering a great user experience. Read more on

  • Should You Adopt Or Avoid A Too Popular Web Design Trend?

    Frankly speaking, there are various aspects to this question and you can’t rely on any single one. Depending on your end goals, personal preferences, and more importantly, your customers’ taste you can decide whether to implement a new website design on your site or not. Like me, you would have also heard late or early that staying on the top of the latest web design trends positively affects your conversions. Read more on

  • Why You Should Upgrade to WordPress 5.4? (Top Features)

    Updates are made to any software for a reason. Isn’t it? And keeping up with those updates is important to be a successful Wordpress website design. Now you might say that if the older version is already working well, then why should I go for a new one? Well, your logic has got a point, but tell me one thing if you head to a showroom to purchase a car, you buy the middle or top variant even though the lower variant meets your necessity. Read more on

  • How To Disable Plugins When You Can’t Access WP-Admin

    When you need to add certain functions or functionality to your WordPress website, you need to hire a Wordpress website design company. But when you want keep an eye on the performance, usability, and visitor’s experience on your site leading to an enhanced platform, then plugins are the finest option for that. But have you ever imagined plugins can also be detrimental to your website? Read more on

  • 5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins To Use In 2020

    Looking for the best WordPress landing page plugin for your WordPress website design? If yes then read this article to know the best landing page plugin that can convert your site visitor into a customer. Today whether you are creating an email marketing campaign or using Google or social ads, your landing page will play a major role in making your campaign successful. Read more on

  • How To Add A Date Picker To Your WordPress Form

    Choosing something is better than typing. Isn’t it? Often you realize this when filling a web form on a random site. Either you are required to enter the expiry date of your debit card to make payment or you are supposed to type your date of birth when applying for a credit card online. My question is how would you feel if you are provided with an option there to select the desired date instead of feeding it through input devices? Read more on

  • What Can I Do To Improve SEO of My WordPress Website

    In this rapidly-moving virtual world, it has become extremely important to stay on top of new tricks and techniques. Isn’t it? You don’t want to miss out on being at the forefront of everything. It will also be harder to dominate the web if you don’t stop implementing the older tactics. Just consider how difficult it is to rank a website in the higher positions these days without having long, comprehensive, and high-quality content, right? Read more on

  • Keyword Research Guide: How To Find Right Keywords For A Website In 2020

    Are you looking to perform the keyword research for your web pages and content? And don’t know How to start and where to start? Do you want to find the right keywords that users are searching for? If these are the questions that are popping up in your mind and troubling your then you have landed on the right and reliable article. Where you will come to know each and every aspect of keyword research. Read more on

  • What Is A 404 Page - With Best Digital Agency 404 Page Examples

    Nobody likes to have a bad experience, whether they are on the web or at a brick-and-mortar store. Especially brands with good reputation remain extra cautious about this. They never want their customers to take a beating as this could result in an unpleasant experience. Not just this, if customers don’t feel good when engaging with a brand, it might hurt their relationship. The case with corporate websites is no different as a 404 error page. Read more on

  • 7 Best Tips To Have An Impressive And Future-Proof Website — SFWPExperts

    You all know websites are never a One Time Investment. Just like any other machine in this world, it also requires repairing and maintenance over time. But have you ever wondered how brands keep their website look like new, means like it was never obsolete? Well, to be frank it requires numerous effective strategies implementation, results analysis, and continuous improvements. Read more on

  • How To Create A Tempting Landing Page For Your Visitors

    A landing page is a platform probably no one would be uninformed about, right? Whether you want visitors to make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, or for that matter even get in touch with you, a landing page is always an ideal option to get them to work. Sooner or later, every business design and put this page to use to increase their conversions. But have you ever wondered how to create an enticing landing page? Read more on

  • Usability Testing In eCommerce — Infinite Scrolling vs Pagination vs “Load More” Buttons

    What is the best UX pattern for eCommerce websites to display their products — infinite scrolling, pagination, or a “Load More” button? Many large-scale usability studies were conducted on more than 50+ leading e-commerce websites in order to find out what’s more convenient design patterns for users. At one of the independent web usability research institutes, all three design patterns have been tested for loading products, both on desktop and mobile. Read more on

  • Google Upcoming Algorithm Update: Core Web Vitals To Improve Page Experience

    Google has recently announced an upcoming search engine ranking factor that includes “Core Web Vitals”. Today every user seeks for websites that offer satisfying page experience. Whether you are having a standard or an e-commerce website your web page should fulfill Google page experience criteria like loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and more. In the coming days, site owners are going to see three major user experience metrics (LCP, FDI, CLS). Read more on

  • 10 Inspiring WordPress Websites To Get A Glimpse Of

    The platform which started out just as a simple blogging tool, no doubt grew popular quickly when it was turned into a CMS. WordPress now powers 35% of websites, out of which some have really exceptional design, the other functions amazingly. It was never obvious how a website building platform did wonders for many businesses. The collection of themes, plugins, templates, tools, and many more items provided by WordPress for users’ Read more on

  • 21 Best WooCommerce Themes (2020) For Your Ecommerce Website

    Are you looking for the best WooCommerce themes 2020? Do you want to shift your online store to a new WooCommerce theme? But confused about selecting the right theme for your WooCommerce website. If yes, then you have arrived at the right destination where we will help you to select the right theme for your WooComerce store. Downloading and Activating the best WooCommerce theme in 2020 can assist your WooCommerce store in grabbing more people’s attention. Read more on

  • How To Create A WordPress Website In Just 8 Easy Steps

    The second you think about having a personal blog or professional website, you need to determine its goals. This is because the decisions you will make further for choosing a website building platform or web host will depend on this. Finding the solution for the former concern is relatively easy since not all website development software is reliable. Though we have just a handful of choices when it comes to website creation tools. Read more on

  • 5 Best Digital Agency WordPress Themes For Your Inspiration

    So you have finally created a roadmap to establish your startup. A considerable amount of dollars and other resources are already with you. Although, all other things are fine, still you can’t decide which platform to choose for your website development. There are more than a couple of options available at your disposal, be it Wix, Squarespace, or Webflow. But, the question is how can you decide which is the best software to gel well with your website needs? Read more on

  • 5 Web Design Trends That Are Hard To Let Go In 2020

    2019 has been a year of many launches and upgrades. The designs that went stale have seen enhancement, features that became obsolete were changed, and navigation that users were tired of were positioned differently. Not just this, even a handful of new web designs like mouse trails, blobs, brutalist pattern, and retro vibes captured a large portion of the web. Don’t you think these were unexpectedly good? Read more on

  • 5 Best Website Designs You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

    In this digital era, possibly everyone would be familiar with - what does the online presence mean? You can’t operate a business to its maximum potential if you don’t have a well-designed professional website. It’s necessary to pull off your potential customers showing them your brand reputation. But have you ever thought about what makes a prospective customer come to your site, to engage with your offerings. Read more on

  • What Is Brutalist Web Design? Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

    You might have heard that web design trends come and go, but have you ever found a trend that has returned? Perhaps, not! But, that doesn’t mean it’s just a myth or only fewer people are familiar with it. That’s completely real and you may feel nostalgic after I introduce it to you. Yep, we are talking about none other than Brutalist Web Design. Widely known for its raw and rustic feel and appearance, this is the design many brands are considering adopting. Read more on

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