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  • Spark The Change Montréal

  • Intro to AI

  • Exploring the case for server-less WordPress

    A WordPress install that’s ultra-secure, lightning-fast, and near-infinitely scalable?.. What?! Turns out there’s a service to give us just that: Shifter. We will explore what it’s all about, its pros and cons, as well as possible use cases for it.

  • Testing in WordPress

    Testing has always been and continues to be something of a "skeleton in the closet" for most developers. It's rarely required as part of the development process, is often tedious to set up, and, to be effective, needs to become a regular practice both before and after going live. Yet bringing it into our work routines provides numerous benefits in the long run and, if done properly, can save lots of headaches and at times even help avoid a tainted reputation. We will start by looking at the automated testing landscape from the high level - what's what and where's best to use each testing methodology. We will then explore testing options available for different parts of the WordPress ecosystem (core, plugins, themes), and go through a couple of practical examples of using selected test frameworks. To finish off, we'll discuss the habit-forming aspect, which is not necessarily as much about development itself.