"Serverless" WordPress


  • no server or DB when viewing a page
  • store everything in Git
  • content pulled by JavaScript via API


The Experience

Putting a site on Shifter

  • Build your site
  • wp shifter archive create
  • wp shifter archive upload
  • select CDN to deploy to

Load times


  • doubles as a hosting solution
  • fast load times and scalability
  • ver-r-ry secure
  • no need to update WordPress, plugins, themes


  • no search, comments, contact forms, WP-API
  • yet another dashboard
  • only "pretty" permalinks are supported

Who's it good for?


Thank you!

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Exploring the case for server-less WordPress

By Max Kay

Exploring the case for server-less WordPress

A WordPress install that’s ultra-secure, lightning-fast, and near-infinitely scalable?.. What?! Turns out there’s a service to give us just that: Shifter. We will explore what it’s all about, its pros and cons, as well as possible use cases for it.

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