• What Is Digital Marketing | Why Use Internet To Find More Clients

    Digital Marketing is paid internet advertising on search engines and social media. Build a business website on WordPress.com ! Do not start with traditional marketing to promote a new company. One should first optimize a website before promoting the same on the internet. Develop original content and don't engage in fancy web designing. Optimized websites help in gaining organic visibility on Google and Bing. Online promotion helps businesses gain new clients. Promote your products and services on social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. List on Google Maps and Bing Places. Do not buy backlinks. Use Bing and Google Ads for building brand value. Find unknown buyers from untapped markets through online marketing.

  • Abbreviations in Site Building And Optimizing

    SEO, Https, SMO, UX, SEM, URL, SERP, SMM, CPC, PPC and SEOM are all common acronyms and abbreviations in site building and optimizing field.

  • Avoidable Procedures in Web SEO

    Duplicate content, headlines identical to page titles, animated menus and Over-optimizing anchor text are some of the avoidable procedures in web SEO.

  • Why Optimize Websites

    Why optimize websites ? Sites with genuine and original content are useful for visitors. Quality On-page and Off-page SEO helps in high rankings on Google and Bing search engines.