Abbreviations in Website Optimization and Development Task

Acronyms in Website SEO & Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization


CPC - Cost Per Click


SMO - Social Media Optimisation


PPC - Pay Per Click


SEOM - Search Engine Optimization & Marketing


SMM - Social Media Marketing


SERP - Search Engine Results Page


SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Abbreviations in Website Building & Promotion

HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure


UX - User Experience


URL - Uniform Resource Locator


UI - User Interface

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most common abbreviation in the website building and optimization industry.

SEO implies improving quality of websites that enables a better user-experience and also satisfies the technical needs of the search engines vis a vis their website ranking criteria.

Optimize your website and become cognizant of the fact that there is nothing better for your business growth.

Search Engine Optimisation encompasses two branches – “On-page” and “Off-page”, respectively.

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing (SEOM)

SEOM covers the portal promotion exercise in the widest possible way. It includes On-page and Off-page SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC / CPC and some parts of the design and development process too.

On-page SEO includes adding original & topical text, titles, photos, headlines, links to relevant content, a balanced keyword density, descriptions, mobile site compatibility etc.

SEM means promoting a website through paid advertisements on search engines. Google Ads and Bing Advertising Pay-per Click (PPC), are the most popular mediums for such activities.

Off-page SEO incorporates using free tools for boosting websites such as Bing and Google Webmaster Console, Local Business Maps, promoting content outside, YouTube Video embedding etc.

SMO / SMM - The former encompasses full utilization of free business accounts on social media, like LinkedIn Company Page etc. The latter pertains to paid advertising on the same kind of platforms.

User-interface (UI) in Websites

This element is associated towards enabling features such as Error-free browsing, usability, touch or voice based elements in mobile versions of web pages, input in checkboxes, search fields and dropdown lists in websites.

User-experience (UX) in Websites

This function encompasses all features required while creating portals to provide an exciting experience to potential visitors. Better clarity, format style, subtleness and video animations increase human interaction, manifold.

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Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

It is an encrypted and safer version of the HTTP protocol, which used to be a non-secure prefix command for internet addresses. The world's top web hosting service provider assigns the HTTPS protocol for all portals, sites, documents, projects, testimonials and website stories hosted on it's platform.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

It refers to an internet address. For ex., is the URL address of a website. But, the URL – will lead you either to a page, image, video, portfolio or any other viewable or downloadable file on that site.

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Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

This phrase pertains to what a spider would display on it's result page after someone types one or more keywords in the search bar. The results page may dispense Organic, Paid, Local, Image, Document, Video, Project, Blog or Testimonial listings !

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Abbreviations in Site Building And Optimizing

By PJ SEO Specialists

Abbreviations in Site Building And Optimizing

SEO, Https, SMO, UX, SEM, URL, SERP, SMM, CPC, PPC and SEOM are all common acronyms and abbreviations in site building and optimizing field.

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