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  • Decorators Stage 3 (Finally!)

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  • Decorators for Stage 3 2022-03

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  • Buliding a Realtime App with Firebase and Ember M3

    Ember Data is a powerful data layer, but it has its limitations and pain points, especially as applications grow in scale. Ember M3 builds on Ember Data's core, but replaces the default model class with an alternative that is more flexible and lightweight. In this talk, we'll explore M3's capabilities, and then test them out by building an app with M3 and Firestore, a realtime NoSQL database-as-a-service. As we'll see, M3 and Firestore make a perfect pair, enabling rapid prototyping and flexibility, while setting you up for success as your application grows.

  • Introducing Template Imports

    Have you ever found it hard to figure out where an Ember component is coming from? Which addon was it defined in again? Or have you ever wanted to structure your components folder a bit differently, so that related components are kept together? Have you possibly even wanted to define a few components, helpers, and modifiers in the same file, because they were so related to each other? Template imports are a brand new feature in Ember that allow you to do just that! In this talk, we'll explore these new patterns and capabilities, and see how you can use them in your app today!

  • Decorators: A New Proposal

  • Decorators Status Update 2020-07

  • Autotracking Gotchas and Techniques

  • Decorators Status Update 2020-06

  • Autotracking: Reactivity and State in Modern Ember

    Tracked properties are one of the most exciting features introduced in Ember Octane, and they represent a shift in the model for state management in modern Ember apps. But what makes a property "tracked"? Why do we have to decorate our properties? And how does this all differ from how other web frameworks think about state? In this deep dive talk, I'll discuss the problems of state management and reactivity, and a number of solutions that have evolved over the years. I'll also show the internals of autotracking, and demonstrate some the unique benefits it gives to developers!