• Maine East Tech Geniuses talk

    My talk to the Chicago-area District 207 tech club.

  • Beyond jQuery

    A talk/discussion covering notable topics in my published book: "Beyond jQuery".

  • Better Code Reviews

    Based on Joel Kemp's amazing article at http://mrjoelkemp.com/2016/01/giving-better-code-reviews/

  • Software Architecture

  • Code Management

  • Being Agile

    An introduction to developing software with the help of the agile development methodology.

  • A Short Talk About Accessibility

    Based on a chapter in Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" along with my own thoughts and experiences on the subject.

  • Life After College

    ...as a developer

  • The future of the web

    Web Components, Object observers, mutation observers, and the polyfill that makes it all usable now

  • JavaScript 101: Session 2 - The Browser

  • Fine Uploader S3

    Fine Uploader - uploading to S3 (and more)

  • JavaScript 101: Session 1 - The Basics

  • Getting to know the File API

  • automated testing

  • cross-origin communication