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Benefits of Good Reviews

  • Knowledge
  • Discussions
  • Homogeny

Problems We Might Have

  • Inconsistency
  • Impatience
  • Purposelessness

"Terms of Service" Review

  1. scroll
  2. scroll
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  4. accept

What Makes a Good Review?

2 phases

Phase 1: "Light Pass"

  • Typos / naming
  • 1 test
  • Style violations
  • Most reviews end here

Phase 2: "Contextual Pass"

  • Intent
  • Good test coverage
  • Use of dependencies
  • Readability
  • Maintainability
  • Adherence to story

"Trust No One"

Assume there are bugs

Providing a Good Environment for Reviews

Encourage Pull Requests

  • GitHub has great reviewing tools
  • Once place for all CR comments
  • CI status for commits
  • Potential for bot integration w/ hooks
  • Easy merge
  • Better visibility of all pending changes

Encourage Pull Requests

Myth: "It's too hard/complex!"

Small Diffs

  • Break up story into small tasks
  • Request periodic reviews
  • PR will auto-update

Keep it moving

  • Pair review if needed
  • Call out "non-blocking" comments
  • Don't take it (or make it) personal

Know that you are not perfect

"It's only one line"

Better Code Reviews

By Ray Nicholus

Better Code Reviews

Based on Joel Kemp's amazing article at http://mrjoelkemp.com/2016/01/giving-better-code-reviews/

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