• Warpforge @ NDC Oslo 2023

  • warpforge @ libreplanet2023

  • zapps&warpforge@hip2022

  • zapps @ipfscamp2022

  • warpforge

  • testmark

    Brief intro to the Testmark file format, for test fixture data and living documentation together in markdown. First airs at GPN2022.

  • warpforge-gpn2022

  • Serum

  • IPLD quicksup 2021

    What's up and what's fresh in IPLD in 2021. There's a little intro review, but mostly it's pictures of the latest hotness stuff.

  • IPLD whatsnew 2020

  • deck

  • Foundations for Decentralization: Data with IPLD

    Intro to IPLD talk, with focus on how IPLD is decentralization-friendly, for GPN'19.

  • timeless <3 ipld