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    Wojciech Odrobila Longford -Architecture and design were not always two twinned activities, in the history of humanity they were not always related. At the beginning, at the beginning of man it can be said that the design was in the minds of men, that what came out of their heads was what they tried to capture in reality.

  • Wojciech Odrobina Longford - The Importance Of Urban Design

    Seeking to meet the needs of urban communities or societies, urban design takes place within a collective benefit consideration. Urban design is very important at the moment because it directly and indirectly influences many factors for a city including its development, the architect Wojciech Odrobina tells us 4 reasons why it is very important that a city has urban design and planning.

  • An Insight Into The Professional Journey Of Wojciech Odrobina

    Architecture is art and art requires going beyond our limitations and using our imagination. When I start working on a project, I use my imagination first to have a full vision of how exactly the project is going to be.

  • Wojciech Odrobina Longford Architectural design andits main elements

    The architectural design is the conceptual representation of the architectural environment, establishing the production of the physical and material environment taking into account the various aspects involved.

  • Wojciech Odrobina Longford - Typical functions of an architect

    The architects are involved from the early stages of a construction project, what is known as an architectural project, which can begin with the development of ideas together with the client, agreeing on budgets, evaluating the needs of personnel or suppliers until the impact of said Construction in the local environment.