Deep Torah

The Surfacing of

in Pre-Messianic Times


I created Evil, 

and I created its seasoning remedy  Torah.


  • The evils that we can see are what we can (and must) deal with and remove.
  • Deeper evils will surface when it’s time to deal with them.
  • Looks bad on the surface while evil is being dealt with, but underneath it’s getting better.
  • Evil is worst just before Coming of Moshiach.
  • Once worst evils cleaned up – Evil forever gone.


from Deep Evil


So how to deal with these surging evils?

The Cure = Torah

  • The Torah explains what G-d wants.
  • And what He doesn’t want (= Evil).
  • And how to deal with it.
  • Being eternal, it contains instructions for all times.
  • Not all instructions are publicly known (“on the surface”) at all times.
  • But neither do they remain hidden (“under the surface”) forever…



On the Surface

  • The surface of the Torah is its Revealed Plane (נגלה/Nigleh)
  • The simple/ literal meaning.  
  • The Law – identifying what’s right and what’s wrong.
  • You can put your finger on it. Take it to court. Codify it.
  • It enables fighting the visible Evils and eradicating them.



Under the Surface

  • Below the surface of the Torah is its Hidden Plane (נסתר/Nistar).
  • Torah that was given in a hidden manner (not taught openly).
  • Torah that deals with hidden matters.
  • What’s going on inside the person, and up in the higher worlds.
  • To enable fighting with one’s own evil inclinations (hidden evils). 



Surging of Deeper Torah

  • As time goes on, more of the Hidden Torah is revealed.
  • In two ways:
  • Within the person – can learn and relate to the new levels.
  • Out in the world – widely publicised.
  • The Torah of Moshiach will reveal the ultimate depths that humans can handle.
  • And also impact the world far and wide.


The Inroads of Torah

Historical overview

In Earlier Generations


Surface of Torah
- Dealing with tangible realities only.
- How to interact with the physical world.
- The Do’s and Don’ts.
- War zone out there: The fight between Good and Bad out there in the world.
You thought you were OK...

(because only actions need to be corrected, and that’s not as hard as... -)
In Later Generations


Under the Surface
- Dealing with hidden things.
- Beyond the physical world and inside the person’s brain and heart.
- How to deal with the good and bad that’s hidden there.
- War zone in there.
Making inroads…

(it’s harder to correct one’s emotions and intellect)
In Moshiach Times


The Core
- Dealing with beyond the hidden.
- About G-d Who’s above all the worlds and at the core of the soul.
- Revealing the Essence of everything.
- Ultimate peace.
Arrived at destination.



Loving Your Fellow Like Yourself


Nigleh:  Love his qualities:

  • Everyone has qualities. 
  • Just need to discover (reveal) them.
  • Just like you’re well aware of your own qualities…                                

Nistar:  Love his soul:

  • All souls are brothers, children of their one Father in Heaven.
  • Part of the same organism (“yourself”) and complement each other.
  • Regardless of any qualities.

Etzem:  Love G-d:

  • Each soul has a G-dly element. Its origin. Its essence.
  • That’s the exact same element in every soul.
  • Loving that in your fellow is actually loving your very self.                    


Why Torah Deepens

  1. Simply: The cure before the blow. To remedy the deeper evils.
  2. In fact: To wash corresponding levels of evil to the surface for cleansing.
  3. But really: To introduce the Torah that'll be studied in the Times of Moshiach,
  • Which isn't about fighting with Evil. 
  • Exposes Evil’s true reality – it’s nothing! 
  • There is only G-d. 

On this level it makes no sense to go out and fight…



> The deeper the Evil, the deeper the Torah:

  • Shallow Evils remedied by the Revealed Plane.
  • Deeper Evils remedied by the Hidden Plane.
  • Deepest Evils remedied by the Torah of Moshiach.            

> Just before Moshiach is the hardest battle but just after is the biggest peace.

> Can understand why Moshiach is such a wow:

  • Fighting the hardest battle against Evil.
  • With the most advanced weapons (Torah)
  • Concludes the history-long struggles with all sorts of Evil.
  • Forever.


Pre-Moshiach Climax

  • Not everyone can handle the extreme.
  • What’s more – two opposite extremes: 
  • The deepest evils Vs. deepest Torah.
  • What a fight!  





There's another extreme into the pre-Moshiach equation...

Deep Torah

By Itamar Hatzvi

Deep Torah

The surfacing of deeper Torah insights in Pre-Messianic Times

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