Third General Meeting 

Winter 2015

What we've been up to

Santa Barbara Hackathon

Special Thanks

Manny Sanchez and Shivani Mall

Daniel Handojo, Lucas Xu, Tina Wang, Daniel Pasillas


Santa Barbara Hackathon

* Arrived at Parking Lot 22

* Share any experience here :D!

Any feedback about organizing rides? Follow the link:​

Upcoming Events

WCH 203

Hacker Monthly

Fridays @ 5-7pm:

ACM@UCR Movie Night

Tonight @ 6pm:

We will be watching "My Neighbor Totoro"!

HackerRank CodeSprint

Tomorrow, 2/7 @ 11am:

Not too late to sign-up!

How to look good to software companies

Tuesday 2/17:

Tech Talk:

"I look at 10-30 resumes every week. Learn what stands out to me"


Java Workshop

Wednesday 2/18:

Learn Java so you can go right into making RoboCode bots!

RoboCode Competition

Saturday 2/21:

Officer Elections

Next Meeting: Friday 2/20

AngularJS Workshop

To  be determined:

Learn how to build a web application with the AngularJS Framework!

Career Paths

What is a Career Path?

The ACM@UCR Career Path is a program that achieves our club's mission by providing a industry-specific curriculum directed toward getting our members hired or accepted into a lab.

Career Path stages

A Career Path has 4 stages

  1. Introduction to the toolkit (what do you need to build something) - 2 weeks

  2. Learn to use the tools   - 2 weeks

  3. Project Weeks - 3 Weeks

  4.  Profession Development - 1 Week           

Officer Positions


Delegates Responsibilities, Communicates Overall Vision

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Forge ACM's future
  • Ensure goals are made and kept
  • Maintain the org's culture
  • Improvise in worst case scenarios
  • Offer the officers advice and constructive criticism in tasks that officers are managing.
  • Benjamin Quach

Vice Chair

Delegates Responsibilities, Supports ACM President

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Delegate to other officers and follow up with the officers
  • Help organize and lead ACM events
  • Do the tyrant's bidding
  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three


Manages the club's resources

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Manage the ACM Budget and logbook
  • Restock the fridge with drinks
  • Handle ASUCR affairs
  • Advise and oversee event budget costs 
  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three


Documents internal affairs 

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Collect Emails and enter them into the Gmail
  • Spam BCOE with ACM event emails
  • Communicate with other clubs and Professors
  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three

Event Coordinator

Outlines and supervises ACM events

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Proposes, plans and manages events 
  • Reserves rooms
  • Manages ACM calendar
  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three

Membership Coordinator

Manages club memberships and seek out potential members 

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three
  • Student outreach & signups
    • Going to classes, promote the club
  • Facilitate Mentorship pairings
  • Organize Mentorship events & socials

 Marketing Chair

Promote club events through various media

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Take photos of ACM Events
  • Work with Campus Graphic designer
  • Make graphic flyers and posters for events
  • Prefer ability to use of PhotoShop, Illustrator, or Gimp
  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three

Career Path Chair(s)

Fulfills mission of Career Path Program 

Summary of Responsibilities: 

Work Experience Preferred 

Application Only

  • Create a quarterly Curriculum for Web development or Game development (contact us for suggestions)
  • Lead and mentor a series of small workshops 


Summary of Responsibilities: 

  • Maintain, update and upgrade website
  • Make sure important posts are put up
  • Technical load:
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript

Develops and maintains ACM@UCR website

Application only

Volunteer Coordinator

Manages the well being of ACM

Summary of Responsibilities: 


  • Takes care of the clubroom
  • Gets volunteers for community outreach
  • Helps plan club events
  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three

Questions or Suggestions?

Thank You!

3rd General Meeting Winter 2015

By acmucr

3rd General Meeting Winter 2015

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