Association for Computing Machinery

First General Meeting

ACM Officers

Chair                     Manny Sanchez
Vice-Chair                Alex Gonzales
Secretary                 Christine Hawley
Treasurer                 Ben Quach
Program Chairs            Daniel Ramirez / Rica Feng
Professional Outreach     Michael Libres Uy
Membership Coordinator    Clay Yantzer
Webmaster                 Fritz Grigsby
Historian                 Tina Wang

What is ACM@UCR?


By definition…

“ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession”



We are UCR’s official ACM chapter comprised of approximately 80 members. We aim to help students

succeed with their studies and prepare them for their professional careers.



What will ACM do for me?

  • Supplement course material and supercharge your learning
  • Prepare you for exams
  • Build your professional network
  • Land you a job/internship
  • Expose you to real world programming
  • Provide a commonplace for you to meet new people and encourage collaboration 

Event and Workshop overview

Professional Events

Social Events




Hacker Monthly

Occurrence: Weekly


Collaborate and work on projects including:

Android/IOS, Web, Games, OS, etc...


Any year and any major welcome!

How to start your startup

Occurrence: Twice a week


Learn basics of running a software business from Sam Altman.


Watch the lessons with us and join in on the discussion!


Programming competition practice

Occurrence: Weekly


Practice solving problems on hackerrank, codechef, topcoder, etc...


Perfect practice for ACM ICPC and IEEE Xtreme 

Inter-org announcements

Gamespawn workshops

  • UCR's  video game creation club
  • Teaches how to design and implement games
  • Emphasise on Unity3D platform 
  • No experience necessary!
  • Contact Rica


Contact Andrew Olguin:

IEEE's Xtreme Programming Competition


Contact Arman Karakhanyan: 

How and why should I become a member?


  • Membership costs a mere $20 for the entire school year
  • Pay your fee preferably to Clay or Ben
  • Provide your contact info (email), name, and r'card number



  • Discounted ticket prices
  • Priority workshop enrollment
  • Ability to participate in giveaways
  • Access to "member's only" events
  • Free t-shirt!


Other things

Locker rentals

  • $15 if you need a lock, $10 if you provide your own
  • Must provide name, contact info, and lock combination
  • Rental good for entire quarter
  • Grace period for people who haven't renewed ends October 18th 

ACM Fridge

  • Stocked every week with soda's and water
  • Runs on donations (please donate!)
  • Anyone can take one (but please donate!)
  • SUGGESTED DONATION IS .50 cents (may change for specialty items)
  • If interested in helping, contact Manny

ACM Rewards

  • Gain points by attending ACM@UCR events (yes this meeting counts!)
  • Some events worth more than others
  • People with most amount of points, or those who reach a threshold will be awarded
  • Contact Daniel 

Thank you! :)

What is ACM@UCR?

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What is ACM@UCR?

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