Adam Retter


XML Summer School 2016 (Lightning) 14/09/2016

What is it?

  • Removes sensitive Content from XML Documents

    • Maintains Structure

    • Maintains File Size

    • Configurable Dictionary

  • Useable as a Library in your own project

  • Useable as a Command Line App

Demo 1 - Command Line App

Demo 2 - Multi-threaded


  • Designed to be very fast and slim

    • Super fast streaming XML Parser (Aalto XML)

    • Input File is Streamed through the Application

    • Multi-threaded

    • Written in Scala 2.11

  • Open Source: BSD 3-Clause license

  • https://github.com/adamretter/duplicitous.git


By Adam Retter


Talk given at XML Summer School 2016 Lightning Talks Session

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