The easiest tool for managing 
and publishing your academic conference

Antonio Jesús Sánchez Padial
Tetuan Valley Startup School, Madrid


  • Antonio Jesús Sánchez Padial 
  • Software Engineer (M.Sc.)
  • 10+ years experience at Research Centres

Recruiting a partner

  • PhD with some research experience
  • ... or not

The problem

Managing and web-publishing academic conferences 
drains research resources

  • Research staff wasting their time on IT
  • Money to contractors
  • Management or IT staff wasting their time

The market

  • hosts 5M users
  • Most of them will attend an academic conference this year

  • ~25,000 conferences are run every year
  • According to a Pareto rate, 20,000 of them will be medium or small sized, our prefered target: short of money and staff

  • Yearly price: 300$ to 700$

Hint: Expect to grow adding research management tools


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