Asteroid Prospector


Team: RA2CE


This project could have a great significance in further researches,
especially for the asteroid belt.

The problem with the fast spending of the Earth resources, could be solved, by this project.


  • Creative approach
  • Original models of the spaceships
  • Original ideas


Our product fits perfectly, due to the way it shows how to extract resources from asteroids, in order to research and study the different nature of the asteroids.

  • User-friendly technology
  • Simple commands and missions
  • Furthermore, it can be easily upgraded.


The project is great for the next steps, due to the everyday usage of the resources.

Our team is prepared to continue with our work (A lot of ideas!).

  • Building space station on the largest known asteroid Ceres.
  • Reduction of needed resources to go to the asteroid belt.
  • Easier scanning of asteroids. (Better mining)
  • A great step in further space researches.


Our team plans to present this project, naturally in it's best state.

Present ideas for further upgrade.

We will give our best effort!



By Angela Markovic


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