Contributing to

Open-Source Projects

Petr Jelínek

28th of Oct 2016

TTÜ Geeky Weekly


  • Developer for 14 years
  • PostgreSQL Developer & Consultant at 2ndQuadrant
  • Previously 4 years at Skype
  • PostgreSQL Contributor for more than 10 years
  • Lead developer of Postgres-BDR multi-master replication system for PostgreSQL
  • Co-maintainer of PgBouncer lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
  • Long time contributor to various smaller open-source projects

Road to open-source contribution

What is open-source?

Open-source projects

Collaboration + Community + Same goals + Greater good + Passion + Longevity

Open-source products

Why contribute?

New open-source projects

Mature open-source projects


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Contributing to Open-Source Projects

By Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek

Contributing to Open-Source Projects

This presentation is prepared for TTÜ Geeky Weekly Geek Talk @ 28 October 2016, Tallinn

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