market plan

Go Remote 


  • customer segmentation
  • market description and evaluation​ 
    • market research
    • our product
    • pricing policy
  • marketting
    • channels
    • advertising
    • sales promotion

customer segmentation

  • 100% foreign ownership and directorship allowed

  • Minimum share capital 2500 EUR

  • 100% Europe - 0% income tax

startup companies small and medium companies large companies
Estonia approx. 30 (Skype, Transferwise, Pipedrive, Cloutex, Click & Grow)
approx. 60 (Moon walk records, Sky media, ZeroTurnaroun) approx. 50 ( kalev, riviko, rakvere, Eesti energia, saku, selver)
Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway) approx. 120

approx. 800  approx. 1800 



  • Geographically all companies around the globe
  • Baltic and Scandinavian countries​
  • Phychografically we want to see our clients whose lifestyle is “no office”, working remotely, work from home or elsewhere.

Market research

Market research

According to one survey with 1,000+ international respondents from organizations of different size sizes,such as small startups to Fortune 500 corporations, the following data was gathered.

Have you ever checked on the latest update for your project while lying in bed in the evening?


If your answer is
“yes”, count yourself in the majority dealing with remote work at least occasionally.

The trend is growing

As many as 43% of respondents spend more time while working remotely than they did 2 or 3 years ago.

Who is affected the most?

The executives appear to be the most involved with the current trend of remote collaboration:

Almost 47% of business owners predict a rapid shift to virtual teams
in their companies. As they are the actual decisions-makers, this may
be a great sign for the big future of remote

one clıck to remote 

" go remote "


  • shift planning
  • time management 
  • communication                 
  • issue tracking
  • collaboration
  • content sharing

A software

our service 

" go remote "



  • customise our product and deliver to our customers based on their requirements and needs


  • offer 24x7 technical support
  • give  trainings 
  • develop and maintain our software

prıcıng polıcy

  • Have a base production with a fixed cost
  • Offer different packages based on customer needs such as gold, platinium and diamond
  • Be able to customize it upon customer's request


We aim to make the application preferred by start-ups & middle organizations . Every other person  will work more efficiently by using this app.



  • marketting channels can have strong impact on the company's success
  • channels should  disturbute the product to the end user efficiently and inexpensively. We have 3 major channels

APPlicatıon stores

  • already heavily invested
  • customer trust
  • tested payment solutions

productıon web sıte

  • news and uptades about the product
  • direct information for customers
  • demos and questions regarding uur services and product

social media

  • interact for a large segment of customers
  • connect with the customers directly and  make it known publicly 
  • build strong relationships with customers and enhance the brand loyalty


full advantage of online advertising through services like

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.

These services will allow us to identify target users based on their interests and behaviour.





Go remote users tend to be well educated social sharers. They are very likely to share their experiences. By way of Facebook and Google go remote will create very positive experience

channel cost (approx ) remark
Google Adwords  5$ per day targeted ads based on user search terms
Facebook Ads 10$ per day targeted ads based on user search terms
Customer refferal 0$ most effective means

Sales promotıon

  • 2 month free trial: Encourage more users to try the product 
  • refferal bonuses: we can provide a month of free service to users that invite other users to use the application.

Go Remote: Market Plan

By Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek

Go Remote: Market Plan

This presentation is created for Student's Enterprise Practice course of Tallinn University of Technology.

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