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Breakout groups

The facts
  • Judges give out payments to lawyers who manage properties controlled by the court.

  • The judges gave out $1.4 million in 43 cases that had 51 payments (some cases have multiple payments).

  • One group of politically connected people got 8 payments, worth $762,000.

  • This money came from only four cases (Judges selected group members to work on the most lucrative cases.​)

  • Six of the payments, worth $599,892, came from just one judge. That judge gave out $760,000 in total.

The rules
  • Your data shows each fee payment, whether it went to the group and which judge gave it.
  • Use 6 steps or less. How many do you need?

The lesson of the melty chart

Title Text

The kids problem:

Case studies

Case studies:

A primer

Try #1

Try #2

Breakout groups:

What would you do?

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