There are scenes of violence, people's heads being ripped off and their toe nails being pulled out in slow motion. Then there's a scene where you can see EVERYTHING, but my friend says it's just all in the way he's holding the spear.

Monty Python

Retrospective Meeting:

  • "We have done a really good job!"
  • "Thanks everyone's coopeartion!"

Not Dirty Enough

built-in function name?!

pattern or language?

''.join(s.split())   # ?!

which way do you want?...

"beautiful is better than ugly"?

Donald Knuth:
"Good code is its own best documentation." what the hell do you want?

@gvanrossum retweet:

You can use multi-line strings

as multi-line comments.

... my eyes ...

new string formatting ?!

"everything is an object"

... moreover
"everything has declaration"


||| ( = 皿=)b

terrible coding style

By Apua A.Aa

terrible coding style

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