Eyes of Time

SpaceApps Quito submission, 12.04.2015

It's so... round!

Jebedia Kerman

The problem

Lots of things are happening every day out of humans' sight.


Some of them are terrible, some of them are beautiful.


We want to find them all!


In 2014, international team of explorers have found long lost interplanetary stations on Mars.


It's not sci-fi, it's just high resolution satellite photos from Martian orbit.


We want to use same mechanics here on Earth.


  • API (in Python)
  • GIS interface to sat photos (daily!)
  • Web application (Angular, Bootstrap)
  • Mobile application (Ionic, cross-platform)
  • Gamification (ratings, badges, likes)

SpaceApps result

Web UI

SpaceApps result

Mobile UI

SpaceApps result

Lot more to do

  • Screenshots
  • Sharing (fb, twitter - mind OG tags!)
  • Likes
  • Better gamification
  • Publishing Facebook app
  • Publishing Android app
  • Tagging
  • Caching tiles
  • And so on

SpaceApps result

Open source

SpaceApps result

Many thanks! :)

Eyes of Time

By Arcady Chumachenko

Eyes of Time

Description of our SpaceApps submission in Quito

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