Diego's talk at LiSC

I come from La Mancha

Which is known...

But now I'm working in Bilbao


Nice place to stay and visit btw

MORElab team



Challenges to increase eco-awareness at work

  • Absent mindedness
  • Comfort
  • No incentives
    • Overall fiancial
  • No cue about how to act
  • Lack of engagement
  • Feeling of loliness if someone is eco-minded
  • Diffusion of responsability
  • etc.


People are not really involved in the energy intervention.

(e.g. environment automation, where machines are energy-efficient and they take the sustainability-oriented decisions - Devices’ auto-power down -)

Behaviour change

People bear the full responsibility of their decisions

(e.g. switch off manually the devices when they are not in use)

Mixed approach (teammate)

Current work

  • Almost 20 coffee machines deployed
  • Around 100 people using them
  • Dataset about usage
  • 3 questionnaires:
    • Socio-Economic
    • Environmental attitudes questionnaires
    • Environmental readiness to change
    • Twitter profiles & Interactions

Diego's talk at LiSC

By MOREduino

Diego's talk at LiSC

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