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Flykk is a platform for building location-based games

Interesting fact: it's been in development for almost 5 years

Flykk is a platform for building location-based games

Interesting fact: Flykk has been developed on 3 continents


Interesting fact: We started developing using just PHP+MySQL and Android 1.6

Location-based games

Interesting fact: Currently we're using Node.js, MongoDB, Python, Go, MQTT


Interesting fact: Flykk offices have refreshments, food, booze, PlayStation. Well, because these are our flats :)


Interesting fact: it's been developed by 2 geeks alone


Interesting fact: "Flykk" is a derivative from "Flyga" (Swedish "to fly")

Switching between games

Interesting fact: Flykk was one of the first location-based games on Android


Interesting fact: we have pivoted once

Flykk Makers (autumn)

Interesting fact: Flykk Makers was once a console app, now it's an HTML5 webapp

Available on both Android and iPhone

Just search for Flykk on Google Play or iTunes

Flykk - location-based gaming

By artjom

Flykk - location-based gaming

Flykk is a platform to build location-based games and marketing campaigns. Anyone can build new games easily using the Maker's web app and have them instantly available on the phone.

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