How many people have mobile device?

How many people are online?

How many of this peopleĀ  are also watching TV show?

1 Million?

2 Million?

It's around 50

Million actually

So we have 50 Million daily patron then

and we can charge each minimum of

P 1.00 per day


By just giving them what they want

So, what do they want?




That's already is available out there

Yes, but...

Yes, but...Not the way this NEW APPROACH IS..

What's this new approach?

By combining

AR and TV

It works this way...

Popular TV show's host will just say let the GAME Begin

a QR or Image/Logo of Sponsor will

show up

user's that are awaiting on their homes begin to play a game

While pointing their mobile devices on the TV

The one with the highest point will bag the prize

Or the first one to complete the game

With this, every one is participating

every one is even more engaged with the TV show

giving the TV Show even more popularity

and another income venue that can earn 50 Million each day

50 Million we can share all :)

50 M per country

Talk to us on how to make thisĀ  happen :)


By artpologabriel


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