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Ashish Dubey
WebDev - Summer 2013

Firefox Marketplace

Current flow

  1. A reviewer reviews an app.
  2. An email is sent to the app developer.
  3. Replies go to the reviewers mailing list.


  • Discussions cannot be tracked inside Marketplace.
  • Reviewer Tools only has an action log.
  • Reviewer has to keep track of emails of developers.


A single page for all conversations in Marketplace and synced email conversations.

Hence, the New Flow

  1. Reviewer reviews an app in Reviewer Tools.
  2. Developer gets an email notification.
  3. Developer replies to the thread.
  • Developer can now reply from Marketplace!
  • Developer can reply via email!

Enter COMMunication dashboard



  • REST APIs in Zamboni
    • for creating and reading threads
    • for creating and reading notes
    • for operations like replying to a note and marking unread note/thread as read.

Implemenation (cont.)

  • Communication dashboard frontend
    • mozilla/commbadge
    • based on Fireplace
    • interacts with Zamboni's REST API.


  • Handling emails
    • Each email is given a unique reply token.
    • API endpoint in Zamboni to receive emails from  postfix
    • On receiving an email, a note is created.


  • API: Mostly live on both -dev, -prod
  • Communication Dashboard: to be deployed
  • Email integration: - live on -dev

Playground for Marketplace API.

  • Makes it easy to explore the API.
  • Utilizes the API documentation.
  • A good reason to write docs!


  • A build script that parses the documentation into a JSON schema.
  • The JSON data is rendered into a page full of options and text boxes.
  • Currently, based on Fireplace (uses the auth code, etc)


  • Live on stackato:


Pull requests and issues welcome!

Thank you

Wil Clouser
Chris Van
Matt Basta


Better Communication Flow in Firefox Marketplace

By Ashish Dubey

Better Communication Flow in Firefox Marketplace

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