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This is a presentation

on how to give a presentation

This is a presentation

on how to give a presentation

of your sweet app!

Top Tips

  1. Show the love
  2. Solutionify your project
  3. Be slick not mumbly
  4. Bring the wow
  5. rehearse / anticipate
  6. compliment the asker

Show the love

  • Be really happy to be there
  • Introduce your teammates by name

Solutionify Your App

  • Introduce your app as a solution to a simple, relatable problem. 
  • This will draw people in and get them on you side. Errbody likes solutions!

Be Slick Not Mumbly

  • Show the best parts of your app
  • Present in the coolest smoothest way possible
  • DO talk about tech challenges that you overcame and how you were really smart to do so!
  • DO NOT mumble about how edge cases don't work nobody cares

Bring the wow

  • What is the coolest part of your app?
  • Design your presentation to showcase this part!

Rehearse & Anticipate 

  • Agree on a presentation structure with your team.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
  • Think about possible tech challenges 
  • Think about possible hard questions and what your answers will be

Compliment the Asker

  • If someone asks a hard/obnoxious question
  • What they really want is to be complimented on how smart they are 
  • So compliment them on the question. Give a brief humble answer ... and move on
  • Your bigest advantage is that everyone else also knows that that question was super obnoxious

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By Benjamin Conant

This is a presentation

A presentation on how to present your Final Projects

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