You have been a

wonderful audience!


How to give a KICKASS presentation



How to start

Three points

How to finish

...and nerves!

Okay, you are going to be speaking publically?

Preparation is very important!


Find out as much as possible about the situation beforehand.

(The room, air conditioning, light, will there be a white board? Are there fresh whiteboard pens? Will I get water? The audience?)


Be flexible enough to roll with the punches.



"Never explain, never complain."

- Hemingway

Never complain about your assignment or the quality of your work.


Don't explain why things are not good enough.


The audience does not know or care about the problems you have.

Exude confidence!


Fake it til you make it


Stress causes our bodies to react in a certain way. There is however good stress and bad stress.

Harness your stress, get to know it!

Dealing with nerves

Practice - a lot!


Hold an object in your hand.


For you, as the speaker and for the audience this moment is fleeting and not the end all, be all of your existence. Get some perspective.

Dealing with nerves

Find the "friendlies" 


Is there somebody engaging with you, asking questions​, looking at you attentively.

Nodding their heads.


These are your "friendlies"!

Posture and physicality

Breathe with your belly

Help, the audience with a well structured speech.

Think of it as taking them by the hand and guiding them through your speech.

What can you do?

Upp och hoppa!

How to be a good audience

Be receptive and pay attention


Keep an open body language


Nod and keep Eye contact


Sender + reciever + information (your presentation)

= affects how well the information is acquired.

How to start a speech


Welcome your audience


Introduce yourself and your topic


Look at your audience look for friendlies!



Make sure you know the Three first lines of your speech by heart!

​Even planning out when to pause and Breathe.


How to start a speech


Tell the audience how you wish them to behave:


"I accept questions during my speech, just raise your hand."


"I want you to participate in a moment."


"Please hold questions to the end of my lecture."


"I want you to take notes. Pen and paper will be provided."


"Silence is golden"

Don't be afraid to be silent.


Use pauses to enhance points that you want to make.


Or take a few beats before you move on

to the next part.


The audience does not experience

silences or pauses as awkward. 

Notes or not notes?

If you can hold your speech without notes that is great.

Write notes anyway, so you know your key Points.

If you lose your Place in your notes...Don't panic!

The audience don't find pauses to be problematic.

Don't apologise, just calmly find your Place in your notes again.

Phrases to start with

Hello, today I am going to be talking about....
My presentation today is about...


Give the audience a guideline over your speech.

"First I will be talking about A, then shortly touch upon B and finally comparing the two."




"Initially, I am going to explain A, in addition to that I will also mention B and in the end conclude with my own thoughts on the matter."

Phrases to start with

If you are a group presenting together you might say:


"Welcome, we are going to be talking about Space travel.


Lisa is going to start by telling you about the history of the subject, Martin is going to give us an overview of the problems facing it today and Kim will finally predict the future of space travel"

Keep it to 3 things

Try to find Three key Points in your speech

and build your speech around those.


The Three most powerful arguments

Three key figures

Three objections

Three scenarios


This helps your audience!









Rethorical questions

"Is it OK to raises taxes so we can have pizza for school lunch every day?"



"Bessemer is the best high school in the world!"


Tell an anecdote

"When my dad was Young they put pupils in the corner of the room if they were naughty."


Snazzy ways to start your speech

Human memory curve

Why does this matter?

"All's well that ends well!"

- Shakespeare

The audience will remember how you started your speech and how you ended it.


An elegant way  to do this is to tie it back to the thing you started with. 


Remember to thank your

audience for listening!

Phrases to use at the end...

To sum it up..


In conclusion...


and finally, I want to thank you all for listening....


Once again, we have talked about how to give a kickass speech.

You have been a wonderful audience!


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