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Sainté Mobile Days, 2013

Boydlee Pollentine

twitter: @boydleep 


What do I do?

I run a digital and mobile agency with my partner, Hannah. 

We are based in the UK and called Tipsy & Tumbler Ltd.

We build web &
mobile solutions.

Before we go any further...

Should you open your own 

development company 

or digital agency?

Structuring your business.

Sole Proprietor

Limited Liability Company


Ways to make...




Products in the consumer 

market, including: 

  •  one-time app purchases, 
  •  in-app purchases,
  •  and subscriptions.

VC Funding

Straight-up contracting 

and client project work.


Getting the right clients is easier said than done.

Some clients will be nice.

Some clients will not.

Some clients are not that bright.

Some clients will have a lot money...

Others will not.

In order to run a successful 

business, you'll have to be able to 

interact successfully with all types 

of clients. 

But remember...

Contracts are a two-way street.

Never be afraid to fire a client 

who is more trouble than 

they're worth.


I have this great idea, but....

Should you do this?


Charging clients.

You dictate what you charge - not the client.

Be realistic with your pricing.

The app market has driven the cost of software down to a point where far too many clients believe that building apps is both easy and cheap. 

It is neither. 

Fixed priced quotes.

In my experience, 


will always be the one who loses out.

We do 14 day payment terms.

There are no exceptions....

Except for this 

one exception...

If a client doesn't pay you, 


Got foreign clients?


Contracts & NDA's.

Clients will often insist on an NDA.

Are they legally binding? 

Not really.

But they afford the client a level of comfort that you will 
keep their business private.

Work Contracts.

You should cover...

What services are covered by your rates,

What you WON'T do,

Be strict about your hours of availability,

Be strict about your payment terms.

Guaranteeing your work.

Ensure any warranties you offer are 
based around your work only.

Intellectual Property

You would not ask a builder to leave their hammer when they’d finished a job - nor should you be 

asked to leave all your tools every time you 

finish a project either.

Hiring and Firing.

Always try to hire people that are better than you in at least 

ONE thing.

Remote employees can work - 

but comes with it's own set of 


Get a good accountant.

There is no point in spending half your time working out 
taxes, employment law, VAT etc... 
just to pay staff.

Entrust that to the experts.

And the work?

Work out what you're good at.

Don't get tied into one technology or platform.

On the flip side, don't try to use a different technology 
for every single project.

Find what works for you, and stick to it.

Be wary of taking on projects that other people have started.

There is usually a good reason they're no longer doing it.

Never, under any circumstances,


agree to fixing a price on work that is not your own.

Get involved with your local 


Don't be afraid to try
 something a bit different!


My four rules.


Find out what you're good at.


Don't complicate things.


Get the right clients.


Get paid.

Je vous remercie!

The Business of Mobile

By boydlee

The Business of Mobile

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