Boys Home

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Who are we?

We believe all successful men were once boys, but not all boys become successful men. Sometimes, they're missing positive role models or a supportive quality of life. We provide both, and successful men are the result. Men who will take care of their families. Men who will contribute their gifts. Men who will be role models for the next generation of men. At Boys Home of Virginia, we show our boys that each day is a step toward that success.

  • Founded in 1906
  • Affiliated with the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Virginia and the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia
  • Focused on helping our residents develop spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially.

Boys Home Beginnings

Our call from the mountains came from a man working in concrete at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Covington. He asked the Rev. George Floyd Rogers, our founder, "Can't you get us a Sunday School and fix it up so our children can learn to read? There is lots of other children over in the hollows as knows as little as mine, and we all need religion."

Boys Home started in one room of an old house. Today, we have nine cottages, a school, a chapel, a vocational-technical learning center, and staff housing, as well as a gymnasium, dining hall, and administration building.

The Wheatley Intake and Evaluation Center

A boy spends his first 30-90 days on campus here, where our staff ensure that our program adequately suits his needs. He learns what behavior is expected of him, and he begins to get into the rhythm of the Hill.



The Intake and Evaluation Center houses no more than ten boys at once. We've found that this period of introduction eases a boy's transition from his home to ours.

Life on the Hill

Once a boy moves to the Hill (our main campus), he is assigned a cottage and receives greater responsibility. He will take on chores in his cottage and around campus, and he can sign up for extra work when it is available.

He will receive an allowance based on the chores he completes, as well as any extra work he picks up. Good behavior can earn him town privileges to go into Covington for a movie or shopping.

Boys Home School

       All residents start at the Boys Home School for academic evaluation. Public school is the long-term goal through our partnership with Alleghany County Schools. We meet our boys at the point of their academic progress, not at the grade level assigned.

  • Founded in 2001
  • Average gains: 3 years in math, 2 in reading
  • 3-1 student-teacher ratio
  • Art room, library, gym
  • Computer lab as diagnostic and learning tools

Faith on Campus

No life is complete without a spiritual component, so addressing the spirit remains one of the cornerstones that defines the Boys Home mission. With a full time chaplain living on campus and a weekly chapel service, boys have time to develop a unique understanding of their relationship with God.

As an outreach of the Episcopal Church, we encourage students of all religions to uncover and embrace that part of themselves as a step in growing toward a mature, balanced life.

How can I help?

  • Collect Box Tops for Education, Campbell's Soup Labels,  and My Coke Rewards points
  • Sponsor a boy or cottage for Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays
  • Donate funds to the Bishop Jett fund or the Boys Home School
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A Prayer for Boys Home

Almighty God, you pour out your blessings on all who call on your Name; we commend to your continual care Boys Home, in which your children dwell.  Put far from us, we beg, every root of bitterness, selfishness and pride.  Fill us with faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience and Godly love.  Knit together in constant affection those who have been brought together in this Home, that we may turn our hearts to one another, as you have turned to us in your son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and ever.  


and a successful man starts here.

We are the

Boys Home of Virginia Overview

By Boys Home of Virginia

Boys Home of Virginia Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Boys Home of Virginia. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (540)965-7714.

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