Eat The Data

Reclaiming innovation


Innovation Fatigue

Broken status quo


Getting better?

The web we lost

The web we fell in love with

A bag of gold

Tame the web


Technology is not neutral

Argument one: systems

Argument two: silos

Argument three: missed opportunities

Argument four: costs

Argument five: confidence

Get rid of it

Trailing edge technologies

Leading edge users

New generalists

User innovation toolkits

"seamlessly share infrastructure"

...a common value system that we are all working towards to make the future of education as accessible and equitably distributed as possible, while at the same time maintaining the humane and interpersonal dimension of learning that makes the whole enterprise meaningful—serial innovation is a mission not a happy accident.

Users drive innovation

Our choice

Eat The Data

By Brian Lamb

Eat The Data

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