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MelbDjango 2.7


This Month in Django
Ryan Blunden

A simple cross-view notification pattern

Sky Christensen

Deploying Django with Ansible​

Markus Holterman

Serialising Django Objects for Celery

Alex Hayes

DjangoCon AU

(and PyCon AU)


Melbourne - August 12 - 16

MelbDjango School


Watch meetup.com - announcement this month

MelbDjango Camp


Huge success! Doing it again! Later this year!

MelbDjango 2.8


March 10th


Join the meetup.com group, hit me up if you're keen to talk - brenton@commoncode.com.au



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MelbDjango 2.7

By Brenton Cleeland

MelbDjango 2.7

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