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Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Channy Yun

Amazon Web Services

Amazon EC2

  • Introduction
    • Resizeable compute instances in cloud
    • Can be provision one and more instances
    • Pay for what you use: no minimum fare
  • Kind of instances
    • Family
      • Micro-instance, CPU, Memory, Storage-optimized
    • Type
      • t1.micro, m2.xlarge, c3.large....
  • Recent instances
    • High capable - hl1 (120,000 random read IOPS-ssd)
    • Large storage- hs1 (48TB storage per instance)
    • Large memory- cr1 (244 GB RAM)

EC2 Features

                                                                                      (c) Ryan Shetteland, What's AWS?

EC2 Benefit

  • Elastic
    • Scale as required and reduce costs
  • Reliable
    • Elastic load blancer, auto scaling and mutiple AZone
  • Completed controlled
    • fully managed by console and APIs to all instances
  • Secure
    • Many certifications for security, privace and procedures 
    • Virtual Private Cloud is default
  • Flexible
    • Choose mutiple instance types and pre-made instances
  • Inexpensive
    • Cost model: on-demand, reserved and spot instances

EC2: Step-by-Step

  • Sign-up AWS account
  • Go to EC2 Dashboard
  • Launch Instance
    • Choose Amazon Machine Images(AMI)
      • Hypervisor: hvm or paravirtual
      • Various OS: Windows/Linux
      • Setup of VPC, IAM and NIC
    • Choose Elastic Block Storage
    • Choose Security settings both in-out bounds
  • Connect to the instance via SSH
 ssh -i channy.pem ec2-user@


  • Attach volume and register volume /etc/fstab
$ ls -al /dev/xvd*
$ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/xvdf
$ sudo mkdir /files
$ sudo mount /dev/xvdf /files
  • Configure your web servers
$ sudo /sbin/chkconfig --add httpd 
$ sudo /sbin/chkconfig httpd on ... $ /etc/sysconfig/iptables stop


EC2: Auto-scaling

(c) Ryan Shetteland, What's AWS?

Elastic Load Balancer

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Elastic Block Store

(c) Ryan Shetteland, What's AWS?


Amazon EC2

By Channy Yun

Amazon EC2

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