SAPUI5 User Interface Testing

Testing the $#*! out of your UI


  • Ready to go test setup including
    • Unit Tests
    • Integration Tests
  • CI-ready test automation using karma
  • Visual regression testing using BackstopJS

in 30 minutes


  • Create Project from SAP Web IDE Template             "SAP Fiori Master-Detail Application" (metadata.xml)
  • Sync via git or export
  • npm init
  • add server.js
  • add server.js as main script
  • npm start
  • http://localhost:3000


  • flpSandbox.html - Runs app in launchpad sandbox
  • flpSandboxMockServer.html - Runs app in launchpad sandbox with mock data
  • testsuite.qunit.html - Runs all tests
  • unitTests.qunit.html - Runs all unit tests
  • allTests.js - Loads/includes all unit tests
  • opaTest.qunit.html - Runs all integration tests
  • AllJourneys.js - Loads/includes all integration tests


Test Automation with karma

  • npm install --save-dev karma karma-openui5
  • npm install -g karma-cli
  • add karma.conf.js
  • adapt openui5 path
  • add resourceRoots
  • add files config
  • karma start

Add QUnit

  • npm install --save-dev karma-qunit qunitjs
  • add to frameworks in karma.conf.js


be aware of qunit version

keep in sync with your SAPUI5 version

Add a Launcher

  • npm install --save-dev karma-chrome-launcher
  • Add browsers config to karma.conf.js

Add Coverage Reporting

  • npm install --save-dev karma-coverage
  • add preprocessors to karma.conf.js
  • add reporters to karma.conf.js

Add JUnit Reporting

  • npm install --save-dev karma-junit-reporter
  • add preprocessors to karma.conf.js
  • add reporters to karma.conf.js

Add Chrome Headless

  • npm install --save-dev puppeteer
  • add snippet below
  • karma start --browsers ChromeHeadless
// see
const ChromiumRevision = 
const Downloader = require('puppeteer/utils/ChromiumDownloader');
const revisionInfo = Downloader
  .revisionInfo(Downloader.currentPlatform(), ChromiumRevision);

process.env.CHROME_BIN = revisionInfo.executablePath;

Add npm scripts

"scripts": {
  "test": "karma start --single-run 
--browsers ChromeHeadless",
  "tdd": "karma start"
npm test

see gist


  • npm install -g backstopjs
  • backstop init


  • set url
  • use flpSandboxMockServer
  • set serverDelay=0
  • make sure UI is completly rendered
    • delay = wait for ms
    • readyEvent = wait for string logged to the console
    • readySelectors = wait for a selector to appear 

backstop test

SAPUI5 User Interface Testing

By Christian Schuff

SAPUI5 User Interface Testing

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