You're doing it wrong.

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What is an API?

Rest API

  • Representational state transfer API   
  • In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) specifies how some software components should interact with each other. 

Why an API? 

  1. Scales #ham.

  2. Ease of use, if documented well.

  3. REST API don't care.

  4. Kind of Standardized.

What's wrong with the way I'm doing it ?

Nothing yet ... probably.

Did you plan first ?

Or did you code first?


that's dirty.

Are you using ...?


that's no fun, grampa.

Are you using ...?


all the cool kids are.

You should probably use

Templating Engines

that makes code muddy.

Are you using ...?

Scripts & Ajax

it's like sandscrit.

Are you using ...?

Frameworks, Rest & SPA

It's the future maaan!

You should probably use

Local Development

you enjoy the thrill of configuration issues. 

You have to go & get  Jeddediah, the only guy

in the village who can start "the village tractor".

Are you using ...?

Virtual Machines

the current year is 2014.

You should probably use

Not automating tests


Are you ...?

it will tell you where it's broken every time !

Test your stuff.

time is no excuse & it's not that hard.

test anything, test something.

You should probably

Un-versioned API

thanks facebook.

Are you providing ...?

Be kind

version your API.


How do we do it, you ask ?

  1. Plan
  2. Document
  3. Mock
  4. Build in paralell
  5. Test
  6. Repeat

Enter Apiary.io

API Design is hard.

Let's take control

Open source the things, thank you apiary community!

Build a Virtual Box


Plan the API

Plan the API 

use whiteboards.

Document the API

in markdown.

Mock the API

done by doing the documentation.

Test the API

done by doing the documentation.

Build the API

frontend & backend simultaneously.

it's non-blocking!

Show Us How


Justin & Nick

Christopher A. Moore

Justin K. Woodcock

Nick "M.I.T." Knol

clone them.

or... Make your own: `npm install -g generator-apib`

APIs... You're doing it wrong.

By Christopher Moore

APIs... You're doing it wrong.

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