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Before we get started...

If you don't have MongoDB and Node.JS installed



  • It's a database
  • It stores documents
  • Documents are JSON

 db.employees.find({name: "Todd"}) // Get employee by name

All Aboard the Hype Train

Mongo is good at storing documents.

Don't try to use it as a relational database.

Don't try to use it for pubsub.

Use it to store documents.


  • Validation logic
  • Relationships
  • Connection management
  • Middleware
  • Chainable queries
  • Plugins

 Employee.find({name: "Todd"}) // Get employee by name

and most importantly...



sudo npm install mongoose-adventure -gmongoose-adventure setupmongoose-adventure
Skip the setup command and run mongod --port 9001 if you are on Windows

Some of the verification is not working on Windows

Documentation for Mongoose =

Raise a fist in the air when you complete a lesson

If you complete all of the lessons you get a treat

Mongoose Adventure

By Eric Schoffstall

Mongoose Adventure

Intro to Mongoose workshop for HarvestJS

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