The Inherent Complexity of Frontend Web Development

a review

This is not...

A critique

A recommendation

A judgment of anyone

A judgment of any opinion

A scolding

A callout


This is...

An aknowledgement

A reminder

A primer

Something I need to remind myself of often

Maybe something we each need to be reminded of

This could be...

A challenge

Unnecessarily complex

Overly engineered

Duplicated code

It wasn't this hard when I built...

[server-side framework] already has a solution for this


JavaScript Fatigue


Got 99 problems but control ain't one.

Got 100 problems.

Got 99 problems but control ain't one.

Got 100 problems.


  • Performance
  • Ergonomics
  • Readability
  • Maintainability
  • Adaptability


User experience

[The browser is] the most hostile software engineering environment imaginable.

Douglas Crockford

User Controlled

  • Network speed

    • fiber

    • cabel

    • wifi

    • dsl

    •  landline

    • 4g, 3g, 2g

    • bluetooth

    • wi-max

    • mesh

    • tor

  • Language

    • ES3

    • ES5

    • ES6

    • ES2016

    • ES2017

    • ES2018

    • WASM

    • No JS

  • Feature availability

  • Input methods

    • Keyboard

    • mouse

    • voice

    • touch

    • input granularity

    • digital crown

  • Competing third-party code
  • User overrides
  • platform overrides
  • dropped network connections
  • changing network connections
  • device switching
  • persistence availability
  • persistence methods
  • Execution environment

    • Chrome

    • Firefox

    • Safari

    • IE

    • Edge

    • Opera

    • Opera Mini

    • Beaker

    • Tor

    • Seamonkey

    • Silk

  • Output methods

    • Display size

    • Display existence

    • teletype

    • text-to-speech

Platform Controlled

  • Browser version
    • changes 6wks - 1 year
  • Network type
    • Cell tower upgrades
    • Tower lease agreement changes
    • Last-mile upgrades
  • Network speed
  • Throttling
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Language support


Nearly all security breaches originate with a human on the client

  • DDOS attacks
  • man-in-the-middle
  • XSS
  • CSRF
  • cookie hijacking
  • malicious ads
  • unsafe 3rd party scripts
  • unsafe CSS!

Attempts at Mitigation






Browser usage states




Proxy servers

Front-end development is hard.


It is not hard for hard’s sake.


The problem space itself is hard


It has yet to be completely figured out


More and more variables to balance all the time


It’s unlikely there will ever be a silver bullet solution, only informed tradeoffs

Front end development and the Question of Control

By Cory Brown

Front end development and the Question of Control

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